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Get ready for the latest Indian cricket offering – Women’s T20 World League styled in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Wait, why don’t you just call it women’s IPL? Yes, they can, except the BCCI is still busy brainstorming if the new drug they’re creating — operations that will begin by the end of this month — needs to be called “Women’s IPL” or given a separate identity entirely.

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It could be called the Women’s IPL, the Women’s Premier League (WPL), the Women’s T20 Challenge or something else. That’s wait and see for now.

So, what’s really on the table?

Well, for starters, it is BCCI’s absolute desire that this property – once it sees the light of day, which will be very soon – be up to the world standards in sport just like the IPL, enjoy participation from every corner of the world, and be competitive with what It is enough to hold the viewer’s attention, and sets the narrative for women’s cricket to move forward just as it did IPL.

For now, here are some of the plans that BCCI is ready and waiting to roll out in the coming weeks.

A tender document for the sale of five concessions through the electronic auction

A little more detail here. Existing men’s IPL franchises have what is called a ‘Master Franchise Agreement’ by which, there is already an understanding that they need to take part in an overall improvement of the game that also includes women’s cricket. However, the BCCI’s call is that it wants to put out a bid independent of the existing men’s IPL, although the existing owners of the men’s IPL franchises are free to bid.

The base price of the bid document

This could be an interesting proposition. The BCCI is considering – the exact details are not yet clear – offering a bid document that has a base price along the lines of the men’s IPL franchise when the bid documents for the teams were first launched in 2007-08. Overall, the BCCI expects women’s franchises to find the kind of value today that men’s franchises found when the IPL was first drawn up by the Cricket Board 15 years ago.

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likely to buy?

BCCI wants to sell five IPL franchises to women and Cricket Next He understands that more than five IPL franchise owners are interested in picking teams at the moment – Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals (50% of GMR owners), Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Chennai Super Kings have been taught to think and they can make a decision once the bid is put out.

No word yet on others. Meanwhile, some of the companies that tried to buy the men’s franchises when the last auction took place in the UAE last year – such as a Gujarat-based pharmaceutical company, a leading financial investment firm – have also shown interest.

When will the tournament take place and when?

The tournament will start in the second week of March 2023 and will end around March 23, a few days before the start of the men’s IPL tournament. For the time being, the BCCI is considering hosting the women’s IPL in one or two cities, before gradually expanding in upcoming seasons.

broadcast rights

The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry will launch a separate tender for the online auction of broadcasting rights, similar to how the men’s IPL broadcasting rights were sold recently.

Player availability and distribution

BCCI has been busy signing central contracts with leading female cricketers in India and around the world. Just like the IPL where central contracts lead to three-way agreements after franchises decide to buy players, women’s cricketers will be initiated through an early-stage draft process and then auction if necessary.

Build a team

The five women’s franchises will operate on the men’s IPL lines where each team will have a maximum of 18 players and four overseas players will be allowed in the eleven.

Emphasis on women’s participation

BCCI places a lot of emphasis on greater participation of women in this league, off the court as well. From building a narrative around the game and the league – be it match commentary, on-ground presentations, corporate partnerships, sponsors and so on – the Cricket Board wants to ensure the ecosystem continues to focus on women as far as possible.

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