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Microwave Oven Electrical Parts Name with Pic

Microwave Oven Electrical Parts: Which types of Electrical Parts Use in Microwave Oven. You can see Image with Names is Parts is important for every technician. Every Technician should know before working. These are the naem of Parts . Magnetron  Transformer Capacitor Fuse  Electric PCB Kit Bulb Turntable motor Fan 5kv High Voltage Fuse HVAC

Videocon washing machine timer connection

In English Videocon washing machine timer connection: When we buy Videocon timer we can see 5 wires or 6 wires. if  we see 6 wires on timer then 2 wires is of Motor 2 wires is Neutral and Phase and 2 wires is of Verzer. if  we see 5 wires on timer then 2 wires

How to check Inverter Refrigerator Compressor

In English Check Inverter Refrigerator Compressor: If we working anywhere of inverter Refrigerator Or inverter AC and we want check his Compressor that his Compressor is OK or not, So we should have a PCB kit Because if we turn ON this compressor Direct 220V Volt then this compressor will burned. So we should have

Ammonia Gas Uses and Effects on body and Environment

In English Ammonia Gas Uses and Effects Ammonia Gas Uses and Effects : This Gas Use in Cold Storage Plant. Ammonia Gas formula is NH3.  Ammonia Gas Boiling Point is -33.34 °C Ammonia Gas Freezing Point is -77.37 °C Liquid Condition of Ammonia Liquid Condition of Ammonia Gas is more Dangerous. If Ammonia Gas falls on

Refrigerant R600a Gas Back Pressure and Flammable

Refrigerant R600a Dangerous: Refrigerant R600a is a Dangerous Gas we should Charge this Gas very Carefully. This Gas is a Flammable Gas. If we put the gas fire so gas can be on fire and Cylinder will be Blast. If we charge this Gas we should not use Gas welding near this.  Refrigerant R600a Use

The refrigerator is not cooling Solve with Simple Tips

The refrigerator is not cooling Sometimes refrigerator do not cooling What we keep in the fridge That thing goes bad but how can we solve this problem at Home with easy Tips.  Sometimes we see ice on Evaporator In the bottom meal and the Refrigerator is not cooling we should Turn OFF Refrigerator and we

Fan Motor Over Heat Winding Solve with Sensor

Fan Motor Over Heat Winding Solve Fan Motor Over Heat : Each fan or Blower motor has a Temperature sensor when his winding heat up then this sensor cut OFF the Circuit and Turn OFF the Motor. This Sensor safe Motor.  This sensor has set temperature, If the motor gets warmer than the set temperature,

Refrigerator Compressor Trip again and again

Refrigerator Compressor Trip Why and How to solve Refrigerator Compressor Trip : Sometimes we Turn ON Refrigerator But the refrigerator doesn’t cool anything If we keep anything in the refrigerator, it gets worse.  How to Solve this Problem We should Check his Thermostat sometimes his thermostat goes bad and does not work properly. We should Start

Air Conditioner Light Blinking Solve Problem

Air Conditioner Light Blinking Problem  Air Conditioner Light Blinking Problem comes in Old Model AC because in the new model AC its Show Error code on Display. So In this Article we learn that how to solve AC Light Blinking Problem. If we face this problem we should Open his PCB Board ( kit )

Which problems comes if AC not serviced

AC not services Problems If AC not serviced we can face this problem If AC not Serviced and dust is in his Evaporator and his Blower. then our AC will takes more Ampere, For example: If our AC takes 6 Ampere in new Condition and after 1 year Our AC need service and if AC not