Samsung washing Machine Error Code

dLThe door was unlocked while the washer was running
dSThe door was opened while the washer was running
d5The door was opened while the washer was running
FLThe washer failed to lock the door
HrWasher temperature control problem
Heater Relay Failure (on main PCB)
LOThe door will not unlock
5E or SEWashing machine has failed to drain the water
4EWater fill time out
NDWater Does Not Drain From Washer
NFWater fill time out = No Fill
dEWashing machine door detected as being open
UEWashing machine has detected an imbalanced load
DCWashing machine has imbalanced load and will not spin
3EMotor Drive Error or Hall Sensor Error
bEMotor short error
OEWashing machine has detected an overfill situation
LEWater leak – Excessive SUDS – Bad water level switch
HEWater heating error detected
tEWater heating sensor (thermistor) error detected
IEWater level sensor fault
CEAbnormal water temperature detected
E1Not filling in allocated time
E2Pump won’t empty – not draining
E3Overflow – overfilling with water
E4Out Of Balance (OOB) detected
E5Water temp rising or falling too quickly
E6Water temp rising or falling too quickly
E7Pressure switch
E8Temp too high on low temp washes
E9Water leak, Water level has reduced
EAMotor generator error
EBMotor error
EDDoor Open