Simpson Washing Machine Error Codes

Simpson Washing Machine Error Codes

Simpson Washing Machine Error Codes

Washing Machine is useful Product from Every home And it is a product used in every home Sometimes it contains an error code. We can fix some error codes at home and we need to call a technician to fix some error codes. In this post you will find all the error codes of Simpson washing machine and I hope you will benefit a lot from this post. If you find it helpful, please share this post.

Error CodeSolution
E10Machine not filling in 10 minutes. Tap not turned on.
E11-Water taps not turned on. Turn on taps. -Inlet hoses blocked. Clean tap filters/washers.
E13Drain hose too low. Raise drain hose or fit a syphon break. Refer to installation instructions for correct positioning of hose.
E17-Out of balance switch off. Open lid, redistribute load and close lid. -Levelling feet not adjusted. Adjust feet to touch the floor. -Clothes not evenly distributed. Redistribute clothes evenly.
E20Machine not pumping out within 10 minutes due to blocked pump or filter.
E30If the water is pouring onto the floor, turn OFF both wall taps. Wait a few minutes to see if the fault is corrected.
E40Lid cannot lock (on drain and spin process) or unlock (after finished wash). You may have to set the washing machine to PAUSE by press and hold the “Start/Hold To Pause” button for 1.2 seconds then press the lid for awhile and touch “Start/Hold To Pause” to start the machine again.
E50Wait, this fault may clear itself. If not, touch the PROGRAM SELECTOR to Drain & Spin symbol, then touch “Start/Hold To Pause” button to drain the wash bowl. You may have to touch “Start/Hold To Pause” to commence draining.
E60Heating fault.
E90Communication error between PC boards.
AFInternal PC board failure. Requires service call.
COPC board communications failure.
DDDrip dry has been selected instead of spin. Select spin speed and close lid.
DEDoor not closed properly.
DFWater temperature sensor failure.
EEEEPROM failure. The machine is not operational and requires a service call.
FLFlooding fault. If there is water pouring into the bowl, turn off wall taps and turn off the machine.
FNNot an error. This means cycle has completed.
HEHeating fault.
IEMachine not filling.
LdLid not fully closed. Close lid.
L0Lid not fully closed. Close lid.
LLUnexpected water loss. If water is pouring onto the floor advance to spin and press START/PAUSE. May require service.
OBOff balance load. Rebalance load.
OEPump blocked or faulty. Check filter is clear. Requires service call if filter is clear
PFPressure sensor failure. Level sensor fault. Advance to SPIN and press start / pause to drain water from bowl.
PUDraining problem. Pump blocked or failed.
SEMotor sensor error. Requires service call.
SFPC board has detected the spin bowl is not spinning fast enough. Could be possible suds lock. Try to start cycle with no clothes and allow machine to complete cycle to flush and disperse suds. Please reduce amount of detergent used.
SLSuds lock. Start cycle with no clothes and allow machine to complete cycle to flush and disperse suds. In the future try to reduce detergent amounts.
SPMachine in pause mode. Press start / pause to resume.
SOMachine in soak Mode. Press soak button repeatedly till 00 is displayed.
TFMotor has overheated. Maybe suds locking due to using too much detergent. Reduce amount of detergent. The motor may cool down and the fault will self clear. If the fault does not self clear and there is water in the bowl the machine can be advanced to spin to operate pump and empty bowl.
UELoad out of balance. Rebalance load. If error persists machine requires service call.
EF0Too much suds causing motor temperature overload. Wait a short while, the wash will continue. In future, reduce detergent dose or use low sudsing (front load) detergent.
1FClutch failure. Machine has failed to start to agitate. Press the start / pause button to see if machine will restart.
2FMotor temperature sensor failure. Motor overheated. Wait 10 minutes to see if problem goes away.
3FMotor speed (position) sensor failure. The motor cannot run. Advance to SPIN and press start / pause to drain water from bowl.

Simpson Washing Machine Troubleshooting

TroublePossible cause
The machine does not start up• The door is not firmly closed. • The machine is not plugged in or there is no power at the socket. • The main fuse has blown. • The programme selector dial is not positioned correctly. • The ON/OFF button has not been depressed.
The machine does not fill• The water taps are closed. • The inlet hoses are squashed or kinked. • The filter in the inlet hoses is blocked. • The door is not properly closed.
The machine fills then empties immediatelyThe end of the drain hose is too low. Refer to relevant paragraph in “water drainage” section.
The machine does not empty and/or does not spin• The drain hose is squashed or kinked. • A programme which ends with water in the drum has been selected (45 S 508 D – 45 S 551 D). • Option has been selected (45 S 651 D). • The drain filter is clogged.
There is water on the floor• Too much detergent or unsuitable detergent (creates too much foam) has been used. • Check whether there are any leaks from one of the inlet hose fittings. It is not always easy to see this as the water runs down the hoses; check to see if it is damp. • The drain hose is damaged.
Unsatisfactory washing results• Too little detergent or unsuitable detergent has been used. • Stubborn stains have not been treated prior to washing. • The correct temperature was not selected. • Excessive laundry load.
The machine vibrates or is noisy• The transit bolts and packing have not been removed. • The support feet have not been adjusted. • The laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum. • Maybe there is very little laundry in the drum.
The door will not open• The programme is still running. • The door lock has not been released. • There is water in the drum.
Spinning starts late or the laundry is not spun enoughThe electronic unbalance detection device has cut in because the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum. The laundry is redistributed by reverse rotation of the drum. This may happen several times before the unbalance disappears and normal spinning can resume. If, after 20 minutes, the laundry is still not evenly distributed in the drum, the machine will not spin. If at the end of the programme the laundry is not spun enough, redistribute the load manually and select the spin programme.
No water is visible in the drumMachines based on modern technology operate very economically using very little water without affecting performance.
The machine makes an unusual noiseThe machine is fitted with a type of motor which makes an unusual noise compared with other traditional motors. This new motor ensures a softer start and more even distribution of the laundry in the drum when spinning, as well as increased stability of the machine.

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