5 paneer snacks that you can prepare in less than 30 minutes



If there is one ingredient that holds a special place in every Indian’s heart, it has to be paneer. Be it in the form of a savory curry like Shahi Paneer and Paneer Lababdar or in the form of a snack like Paneer Pakoda or paneer tikka, It never fails to disappoint our taste buds. There is an endless list of exciting dishes that you can prepare using paneer, which is why we all love it so much. Whether it is a special occasion or a gala dinner, paneer is usually found on the menu. If you love paneer as much as I do, then you are in the right place. Here we have curated a list of 5 of the best paneer snacks that you can prepare in just 30 minutes. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

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Here are 5 paneer snacks that are ready in less than 30 minutes:

1. Tandoori Paneer Pakoda (our recommendation)

Let’s start the list with our favourites. Pieces of paneer soaked in a paste Tandoori Masala fried then topped with more masala. It is the perfect snack to pair with your evening cup of tea. Click here for the recipe.

2- Paneer with chili and garlic

Do you like spicy and sweet snacks? Then this chili paneer recipe is definitely worth trying! Pair this delicious delight with pudina sauce and you’ve got the perfect party snack combination. Click here for the recipe.


3- Paneer tikka sandwich

If you have leftover paneer tikka from last night’s meal, you can use it to make a delicious paneer tikka sandwich. It does not take long to prepare and is very useful. You can also add some cheese to the sandwich. Click here for the recipe.


4- Paneer popcorn

This paneer popcorn is the vegan version of the classic chicken popcorn. All you need to do to prepare these crunchy flavors is season the paneer, coat it with batter and fry it! Serve it with a pepper dip and you’re in for a treat! Click here for the recipe.


5- Paneer Kachori

This is crispy paneer Catchories Stuffed with delicious paneer stuffing and a mixture of delicious masala. It makes the perfect tea time snack and tastes even better when paired with sweet and spicy sauce. Click here for the recipe.

Try these delicious paneer snacks and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments section below!

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