Winter Special: 5 Classic Paratha Recipes for a Quick Lunch



What makes us look forward to winter? One of the most popular answers will undoubtedly be – crunchy, tasty and fresh vegetables. do not agree? This time of year, we fill our vegetable baskets with a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits, including carrots, radishes, leafy greens, and more. All of these natural and healthy ingredients are used to create a large number of delicious dishes. Sarson Ka Sag, gajar ka halwa, palak paneer, and other delicious dishes are just a few examples. In addition to the recipes mentioned above, we have a few more winter special paratha recipes that will keep you warm. For a quick lunch, these parathas are the perfect choice as they are very tasty and nutritious. So, without further ado, let’s start making them at home.

Winter Lunch Recipes: Here are 5 classic paratha recipes that you must try in winter

1. Khasta Methi Paratha – Our recommendation

Let’s start with this. In many Indian homes, the paratha recipe is a winter staple. It’s quick, delicious, and packed with the health benefits of fenugreek leaves. Pair it with curd and chutney and you’re all set. click here. You can also give it a cheesy touch by adding some cheese as a filling. for this recipe, click here.

2. Beetroot Paratha

Beetroot is full of nutrients that benefit our health in many ways. Given this, we present you beetroot which should undoubtedly be a part of your diet. For the full recipe of Beetroot Paratha, head over to click here.

3. Palak Paratha

We get hungry just thinking about the paratha which is filled with ghee, hot and crunchy. This paratha recipe is full of spinach. Remember to serve Palak paratha with butter, pickles or yogurt as condiments of your choice! Click here for the full recipe.


4. Moli Ka Paratha

For its distinctive, spicy and pungent flavour, horseradish (or mooli) is delicious as a stuffing for paratha. This vegetable is more attractive due to its low calorie content. Click here for the full recipe.

5. Sarson Ka Paratha

If you are tired of eating the same sarson ka saag, here is a recipe that will help you incorporate mustard greens into your diet in a new way. Sarson Ka Paratha is the name of this dish. For the detailed recipe, click here.

Try these recipes at home for a quick lunch and tell us what you think in the comments section. Stay tuned for more special winter recipes.

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