Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes

Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes

Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes

Washing Machine is useful Product from Every home And it is a product used in every home Sometimes it contains an error code. We can fix some error codes at home and we need to call a technician to fix some error codes. In this post you will find all the error codes of Bosch washing machine and I hope you will benefit a lot from this post. If you find it helpful, please share this post.

Error CodeProblem
F01Water intake timeout (Faulty Aquastop)
F02Heating timeout
F03Draining timeout
F04Motor fault (No tacho signal)
F05Uncontrolled motor startup High resistance connections
F06Short on NTC
F07Open circuit NTC
F08Door open when program started
F09Unexpected heating
F10Communication error. In main program after 11 minutes. In test after 1.5 minutes
F11Overheating Heat sink or motor control PCB. Fault detected eight times
F12Short circuit. Motor faulty. Free running diode faulty
F13Mains voltage too high
F14Mains voltage too low
F15Faulty temperature sensor on motor PCB
F16Faulty rinse sensor
F17Inlet Valve
F18Pump/ Drain time-out
F23Flooded base s/w activated
F34Door lock
F42, F43, F44Motor fault indicated

Bosch Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Faults: Water is leaking out

Cause/remedial action:

  • Attach/replace the drainage hose correctly.
  • Tighten the screw connection of the supply hose.

Faults: No water supply. Detergent not dispensed.

Cause/remedial action:

  • Start/Reload button not pressed?
  • Tap not turned on?
  • Filter blocked? Clean the filter

Faults: Washing machine door cannot be opened.

Cause/remedial action:

  • Safety function active
  • Is the Childproof lock activated? To deactivate: → “Childproof lock”
  • – – –δ (Rinse hold = without final spin) selected?
  • Can the door be opened by emergency release only?

Faults: Programme does not start

Cause/remedial action:

  • Start/Reload button pressed or Ready in time selected?
  • Washing machine door closed?
  • Is the Childproof lock activated? To deactivate: →”Childproof lock”

Faults: Detergent solution is not emptied

Cause/remedial action:

  • – – – 0 (Rinse hold = without final spin) selected?
  • Clean the detergent solution pump
  • Clean the waste pipe and/or drainage hose

Faults: Water not visible in the drum

Cause/remedial action: Not a fault – water below the visible area

Faults: Spin result not satisfactory. Laundry wet/too damp.

Cause/remedial action:

  • Not a fault – the unbalanced load detection system has interrupted the spin because the laundry is unevenly distributed. Distribute large and small items of laundry evenly in the drum.
  • Spin speed selected too low?

Faults: Spin cycle started and stopped several times.

Cause/remedial action: Not a fault – the unbalanced-load detection system is adjusting the imbalance.

Faults: The programme duration is longer than usua

Cause/remedial action:

  • Not a fault – the unbalanced-load detection system is adjusting the imbalance by repeatedly distributing the laundry.
  • Not a fault – the foam detection system active – adds an additional rinse cycle.

Faults: The programme duration changes during the wash cycle

Cause/remedial action: Not a fault – the programme sequence is optimised for the particular washing process. This may lead to occasional changes in the programme duration in the display pane

Faults: Residual water in the compartment (flower) for care products

Cause/remedial action:

  • Not a fault – the effect of the care product is not affected.
  • Clean the insert if necessary

Faults: Odours in the washing machine

Cause/remedial action: Run the Θ Drum clean programme without laundry. Use standard detergent

Faults: The symbol (foam) flashes in the display panel. Foam may escape from the detergent drawer.

Cause/remedial action:

  • Too much detergent used?
  • Mix one tablespoon of fabric softener with 1/2 litre water and pour into compartment ‘pause’ (not for outdoor fabrics, sportswear fabrics or those made with down) Reduce the detergent dosage for the next wash cycle.
  • Improper detergent use? Only use detergent suitable for front-loading washing machines

Faults: Intense noise, vibrations and “wandering” during spinning

Cause/remedial action:

  • Is the appliance levelled? Level the appliance
  • Are the appliance feet fixed? Secure the appliance fee
  • Transport locks removed? Remove the transport locks

Faults: Display panel/indicator lamps do not function during operation

Cause/remedial action:

  • Power cut?
  • Circuit breakers tripped? Switch the circuit breakers back on or replace them
  • If the fault occurs repeatedly, call the after-sales service

Faults: Detergent residues on the laundry

Cause/remedial action:

  • Occasionally, phosphate-free detergents contain water-insoluble residues
  • Select Rinse/Freshen up or brush the laundry after washing

Faults: NO appears on the display panel in reload model

Cause/remedial action:

  • Water level too high. Not possible to add laundry. Close the washing machine door immediately, if necessary
  • To continue the programme, press Start/Reload

Faults: YES appears on the display panel in reload model

Cause/remedial action: The washing machine door is unlocked. It is possible to add laundry

Faults: The colon in the “Ready in” display (:) flashes on the display panel.

Cause/remedial action: The mains voltage is too low

Faults: The single dot (.) flashes

Cause/remedial action: The undervoltage has caused the wash programme to be extended

If you cannot correct a fault yourself (after switching off/on) or a repair is required:

  • Set the programme selector to off position. The appliance is switched off.
  • Unplug the mains plug from the socket.
  • Turn off the tap and call the after-sales service

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