Coach reveals how SKY prepared itself for the international stage

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Suryakumar Yadav made his international debut last year, but he didn’t take much time to make his mark as he is currently the #1 T20I player in the ICC hitting tables. He received a late call with the Indian team despite scoring consistently well in the domestic circuit and the Indian Premier League. Mumbaikar has continued to work on his batting technique to prepare for international cricket.

Surya’s appearance last year was one of the most talked about in international cricket. And now he set a file Globalism A blazing cup with 225 rounds of five games, including three fifties, an astonishing strike rate of 193.97.

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Speaking exclusively with celebrity journalist J Krishnan for News18 Cricketnext, former Mumbai hitter and current Parsee Gymkhana coach Vinayak Mani spoke about how Suryakumar began developing his game around six years ago as he worked straight hitting to expand his shot range.

“He always played well on the wicket and behind the wicket. He always had that, the ability to do it however he liked, since the days I watched him. But as time went on, he realized the importance of hitting the straight field as well. And I think the evolution has taken place, maybe Six years ago.He started hitting the court more straight in domestic cricket.Obviously he tried it with nets and then he started doing it and then he started getting more and more extra cover.Now I think he can confuse bowlers more because he can hit behind the wicket It’s also developing to hit the straight field too. I think that adds a lot of technical advantages,” Mane said.

Suryakumar Yadav is one of the few players with the ability to record 360 degrees which was previously mastered by the legendary South African AB de Villiers.

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Recently, Syria also became the second hitter ever to score a 1,000 T20I in a calendar year after Mohamed Radwan who achieved the feat last year.

Mane has known Surya for a very long time and has shared details of how they coincidentally linked with the same teams in the past.

“I know Syria since he was under 19 days old. I used to play at Bharat Petroleum for many years and worked with them. And then when it all started we started recruiting players on scholarship and Surya was one of the guys we took in the first batches, so we’ve been watching since Then. Played a great deal of cricket alongside him for BPCL. Later I moved to Parsee Gymkhana and coincidentally he also joined us after 2 years. And yes, I have seen him calm for a long time now, and he has always been a very smart worker.”

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