Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, 130 aftershocks, 2,300 deaths, 11,000 injured, nearly 3,000 buildings collapsed.



Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, 130 aftershocks, 2300 dead, 11 thousand injured, 3 thousand…

Ankara, Damascus (Daily Pakistan Online) As a result of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, more than 2,300 people have died, while around 11,000 have been injured. A 7.7-magnitude earthquake hit Turkey early in the morning, followed by another 7.6-magnitude earthquake about 10 hours later. . Due to the earthquake, around 3000 buildings have collapsed in both the countries and many people are still trapped in the debris.


At least 1,498 people were killed and 8,533 others injured in 10 provinces after two strong earthquakes struck southern Turkey on Monday, the head of the country’s disaster agency said.

According to Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency, a 7.7-magnitude earthquake early Monday morning, centered in Pazark district, shook several provinces, including Gazi-Antep, Sanliurfa, Diyarbakir, Adana, Adyaman, Malatya, Osmania. , Hatay and Klis included. About 10 hours after the first earthquake, there was another earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 and its epicenter was in Albustan district of Kahramanmaras.

Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency chief Yunus Cesar Cesar said the earthquake had a total of 130 aftershocks and 2,834 buildings collapsed. Around 9700 search and rescue personnel have been sent to the area. Turkey’s eastern Mediterranean coast is currently under no tsunami threat. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said it was the ‘biggest disaster’ since the 1939 Erzincan earthquake. Schools have been closed until February 13 in Turkey following the earthquake, while energy infrastructure has also been heavily damaged.

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Monday’s earthquake in Turkey has killed at least 810 people in neighboring Syria. At least 430 people have been killed and 1,315 injured in government-controlled parts of Syria, according to the Syrian Ministry of Health, AFP reported.

According to the humanitarian group The White Helmets, at least 380 people have been killed and more than 1,000 injured in rebel-held areas in the northwest.

The organization says that more than 133 buildings have collapsed and 272 have been partially destroyed. The White Helmets, which operate in rebel-held areas of Syria, said the death toll could rise as “hundreds of families are still trapped”.

According to the BBC, Syria descended into civil war in 2011, killing half a million people and creating a lasting humanitarian crisis.

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