Four Common HVAC Scams You Need To Know


Did you know that you can be fooled by simply looking for a better ventilation service for your home? HVAC scams are a type of scam that homeowners don’t want to experience. Imagine that you just wanted a well-installed air conditioner, but were scammed by a dishonest technician. Read this blog to learn about some of the most popular AC tricks.

Replacement of unnecessary HVAC parts

Sometimes an HVAC technician will tell you that some parts of your air conditioning system need to be replaced. Although this may be true, it is still one of the most common scams. They’ll ask you to replace a perfectly good part, so you’ll pay more than you need to.

To keep away from this type of scam, it is best to get yourself involved in the process of repairing your HVAC system. Ask the technician to show you the part you want to replace, and let them explain how they know it needs to be replaced. When they can’t show you anything or even describe the problem, you better think twice before agreeing to a replacement.

Very shady and good deals

An HVAC contractor who offers free services regardless of your air conditioning system needs is a big red flag. If they sound too good to be true, they may be part of an HVAC scam that sells services by promising many freebies but then asking you to buy something you don’t need from them. If you encounter these offers, don’t fall for their kind words. It is better to spend your money with a reliable contractor than to lose your hard earned money on good deals for nothing.

Excess service fee

Some HVAC technicians tend to charge more than you need to pay for the repair service. They usually justify the long hours they spend repairing air conditioning units to force you to pay extra money. You can avoid this scam by researching the cost of repairs before scheduling a repair service. This way, it will be easier for you to identify important issues with the invoice.

Provides services without a written agreement

It is sketchy when your HVAC contractor insists there is no written agreement regarding the services they will perform on your air conditioning system. An air conditioner repair deal with only verbal agreements does not support a customer’s claim when things go wrong during the repair. Keep in mind that a good service provider will hand you the proper documentation from quotation to service processing.

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HVAC scams may be right in front of you. These can be avoided if you are meticulous in all air conditioner repair or replacement transactions. Research services and ask several trusted air conditioning companies to locate a legitimate service professional.

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