Harsh consequences for hiring Pakistani artists in India


Hindu extremist outfit ‘Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena’ has issued an open threat to Bollywood filmmakers, threatening dire consequences for hiring Pakistani artists.

Harsh consequences for hiring Pakistani artists in India
Harsh consequences for hiring Pakistani artists in India


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Maharashtra’s extremist organization Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), which claims to be the champion of Hindutva and Marathi dignity, issued a statement on Tuesday. The MNS has issued an open threat to Bollywood filmmakers not to hire artists from neighboring Pakistan or they will face severe consequences.

In a statement published in Marathi, the MNS said, “We are hearing that Bollywood filmmakers have once again started hiring Pakistani artistes. Such a lousy mentality is seen from time to time. So we want to send this clear message, not only in Mumbai but anywhere in India if a Pakistani artist appears in a play or film, the makers will face severe consequences.”

MNS Cinema Wing President Amiya Khopkar shared this statement on Twitter and threatened Bollywood filmmakers that if they ignore this warning, they will face dire consequences.

MNS against Pakistani artists

Maharashtrian Navraman Sena, who also dabbles in politics though has yet to find significant success, has always taken an aggressive stance against Pakistani artists and has often opposed their casting in Bollywood films.

MNS president Raj Thackeray also issued a warning in 2021 saying that no Pakistani artists will be allowed to work in India.

Indian Film Makers Association’s stand

After threats from MNS and other Hindu extremist organizations, the All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA), a body of workers and artistes working in the Indian film industry, called for a strike following the Pulwama terror attack. In 2019, a ban was imposed on the hiring of all actors and artists of all kinds in Pakistan. It should be noted that 40 soldiers of the Indian paramilitary CRPF were killed in the attack in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama.

A statement issued by AICWA General Secretary Ronak Shresh Jain said, “We formally announce a complete ban on the work of Pakistani actors and artists in the film industry. If even after this, any If the organization insists on hiring Pakistani artists, AICWA will ban it and strict action will be taken against it.”

Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar had said in an interview a few months ago that he does not want to work in any film with Indian actor and ‘King Khan’ Shahrukh Khan due to the current situation between India and Pakistan. He also advised Shah Rukh Khan to avoid working with him or any Pakistani actor in view of the political tension between Pakistan and India.

Pakistani actors working in Bollywood

Many Pakistani actors and artists have acted in Bollywood films. Among them are the names of Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malik, Imran Abbas, Mashiya Shafi, Mikal Zulfiqar, Veena Malik, Zeba Bakhtiar.

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