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Syed Ulama Sanad Al-Hikma Hazrat Maulana Mufti Hakeem Syed Aal-e-Mustafa aka Syed Mian Qadri Barakati Marharvi Alaihi Rahmat Wal-Rizwan who was the grandson of Hazrat Khatam-ul-Akabar Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Rasoul Alaihi-Rahmat Wal-Rizwan – Mother Majda Syeda Shahr Bano Begum Bint Syed Shah Ismail Hasan Sahib Hazrat Sayyid Ulama Sanad al-Hikma Hazrat Syed Shah Aal Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri Barakati Alaihi Rahmat Wal Rizwan was born on the blessed day of 25 Rajab al-Murjib 1333 Hijri 09 June 1915 in Marhara Mutahira on Wednesday. He had memorized the Holy Quran at the age of 30. He read the first book of Persian from his mother Majda and received lessons from his maternal grandfather Hazrat Syed Shah Ismail Hasan Sahib and his maternal uncle Hazrat Taj Ulama Hazrat Syed Shah Olad-i Rasool Muhammad Mian Qadri Sahib. Hazrat Syed Ulama Jamia Moiniya Ajmer Sharif was one of the favorite students of Hazrat Maulana Shah Amjad Ali Khan Azmi Ajmer Sharif.

Huzoor Syed Ulama Sanad al-Hikma Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri (Alaihi Rahmat Wal-Rizwan) had the special permission of his honorable teacher that he could take lessons whenever he wanted, apart from the Madrasah times. Obtained degree certificate equivalent to A from Punjab Board in Medical College Aligarh Muslim University D. came. M. Received a diploma of S.- Huzoor Syed Ulama Hakeem was among the favorite students of Abdul Latif- Huzoor Syed Ulama visited Mumbai in 1449/ and he started imam there. He was the registered judge of Hazrat Sayyed Ulama, who dedicated his life to the propagation of the religion of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). I visited the whole country and instructed the people to follow the straight path.
Hazrat Syed Shah Al-Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri (peace be upon him) was a scholar of religion, an authentic Mufti, a good reciter, a wise man, a prominent scholar and the greatest speaker of his time – the sting of the speech of Hazrat Syed Ulama was full. used to ring in India – It was a common thing for Hazrat Sayyed Ulama to address for four to five hours in one sitting – Hazrat Sayyed Ulama was very famous for his style of speech – when he used to describe Islamic history or events, he would The class is sitting and an excellent teacher is creating the history of Islam on the hearts and minds of his children. Had Hazor Syed Ulama narrated the events of Karbala and the events of Prophet Muhammad, he would have proved that the successor of Nabizadeh and Ali has become a sword in the honor of the Prophet and the Ahl al-Bayt. There used to be a special occasion for the speech of Ulama- Huzoor Sayyed Ulama on the greatness and spirituality of family Barakat His memory used to be addressed – once a poet recited this poem.

Ali’s actions proved this
That the real worship is your worship

Bus! Then did Ali’s blood get excited, the state of excitement fell, all the clothes were thrown away – Huzoor Ahsan Ulama, peace be upon him, read the condition of his elder brother, and holding his hand, he spent some time in the shrine of Huzoor Shams Marhara. When the situation was settled, Nana Aba came out and spoke till late night in the background of this poem.
The springs of Sunnah today on the land of Aros Al-Bilad Mumbai are due to the grace of Allah Almighty, Hazrat Syed Ulama Sanad Al-Hikma, Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri Barakati Marharvi, peace be upon him, and Rizwan – may the procession of Mumbai be Muhammadan. Or the Ghausiya procession, Muharram al-Haram gatherings, all of them are the result of the efforts of Hazrat Syed Ulama, Hazrat Syed Shah Ali Rasool, Syed Mian Qadri Barakati, peace be upon him and Rizwan. Diya is worthy of praise and admiration – Huzoor Syed Ulama used to call the religious scholars from all over India, he would prepare an association in the Muslim settlements of Mumbai, then he would appoint the scholars to give speeches, then in the last days, the scholars and the people would go to Bhandi Bazar. They used to gather and organize the closing meeting of the events of Karbala- To listen to Hazrat Sayyid Ulama’s address on the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, people of different religions would also gather.
Hazrat Syed Ulama Sanad Al-Hikma Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri Barakati (Alaihi Rahmat wal Rizwan) seemed to be alone in his organizational and leadership skills and in terms of himself during this period – it was the period when the Tajdar-e-Ahl-e-Sunnah Huzoor Grand Mufti of India Alaihi Rahmat Wal-Rizwan and Hazrat Allama Shah Abdul Qadir Sahib Badayuni (Grand Mufti, Hyderabad), Hazrat Muhaddith-e-Azam Hind Kutcho Chhvi, Hazrat Hafiz Millat, Hazrat Mahbub Millat, and Hazrat Mujahid Millat Alaihi Rahmat Wal-Rizwan were present in the Jamaat Ahl-Sunnat. In such a situation, Hazrat Syed Ulama Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri Barakati, may God bless him and grant him peace, declared a war against bad faith and undertook to recognize the truth of his religion and creed and gave a platform from which to lead the nation. And then there was full guidance – Hazrat Syed Ulama was unanimously accepted as the president by all these elders. Hazrat Syed Ulama, peace be upon him, and Rizwan remained the president of the Sunni Jamiat Ulama until his last breath. keep working
Once Hazrat Syed Ulama Sanad al-Hikma Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri, may God bless him and grant him peace, was angry with the behavior of some people of the Rizwan organization and resigned. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) visited Mumbai and went to Kharak Mosque and placed his turban at the feet of Hazrat Sayyid Ulama and said, Sayyid Mian! This turban will remain on the feet until the resignation is returned, Huzoor Syed Ulama (a.s.) was one of the fearless and sincere leaders of the nation who kept the government and wealth in their hands – Hazrat-e Sharaf Millat narrated his biography. He gave a very true interpretation in this poem.

They had no interest in dirhams and dinars
The wealth of the heart of this poor, shameless person was more

Be it a ruler, a minister or a representative of the government, Naqeeb Barkatit Huzoor Sayyid Ulama (Alaihi Rahmat Wal-Rizwan) would talk to him eye to eye and make legitimate demands for the nation. He had enormous abilities but did not give time for preaching and organizational work, but whatever he wrote, it was such that the scholars recognized his scholarly and devout glory – Faiz Tanbiya, New Light, Holy Lady, Sermon Sermon, your pen and intellectual memorial. are_
Huzoor Syed Ulama (peace be upon him) was also a poet of high rank – his teacher in poetry was Hazrat Ahsan Marharvi, the pen name of Hazrat Syed Ulama was Syed Marharvi – the famous journalist Majalat Ali Mehndi said about this poem of Hazrat Syed Ulama that this poem of his That poem is heavy on the pen of many great poets.

Jamal Laila was not so expensive
That Bazi seems to be the broken heart of Qais

See also these poems of Hazrat Syed Ulama (Alaihi Rahmat Wal Rizwan).

They sometimes ask for susan muzhgan from them
By putting the string, they heal the wound

When Hazrat Sayyid Ulama, may Allah have mercy on him, turns to the field of Naat and Manqibt, the flowers of faith and belief bloom in the hearts of those who love him. Hazrat Sayyid Ulama says:

Why should we call someone’s Jay Vijay?
Sayyid Apna slogan is enough for us Ya Rasoolullah
My soul is possessed by a good husband
The ruler of my heart is a good husband
Madinah soil is medicine for every disease
I feel healing in it

Hazrat Syed Shah Ali Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri Barakati, peace be upon him, his grandfather, the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, gave this reward for preaching his religion, that when he visits Hajj, 33 Day and night, he was present at the shrine of his master, may God bless him and grant him peace. In the presence of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, he recited the Safi Dua with great condition. Hazrat Ahsan Ulama, peace be upon him, expressed this in his poem.

Read Harzimani and sit for thirty-three days at the shrine of Aqa
By paying, they have come to the Sunnah of their Sheikh

His Sheikh and maternal grandfather, Hazrat Syed Shah Ismail Hasan, also known as Shah Ji Mian, may God bless him and grant him peace, also came to recite this act at the shrine of the Holy Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. Hazrat Syed Ulama, peace be upon him, did not make any compromise with religion and Sunnah throughout his life. By looking at the advice and preaching that Hazrat Syed Ulama gave to him through a letter to his heart’s content, it is inferred that it is a religious prescription for those who are blessed.
I have matured you in terms of religion and religion. You have lived with me for years and you have seen preaching, religious and religious ups and downs. I have told you well in this matter, listen to everyone and stick to the teachings of your home – I am writing all this because you have left the house for the first time and the weather is different outside, but you are in your monastery. Never forget training. You know very well that we have trained you that in the matter of religion and religion there is no importance of any relationship. If any part of the body rots, I will cut it off and throw it in the garbage bin and not think that God willing, he is my only son – that’s it! Nothing more to say,,_
This letter of Huzoor Syed Ulama, peace be upon him, is not only a letter of a father to a son, but also a golden chapter of training for all lovers and relatives, which will guide everyone – Huzoor Syed Ulama Sanad al-Hikma Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Mustafa Syed Mian Qadri Barkati (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) visited Nepal in his late life, where many families entered the Alia Qadriya Barkatiya lineage – many people brought Islam at his hands – you are blessed with all the ancient and modern lineages of the Barkatiya Marhara Mutahira family. The permission of Zikr, Ward, Ikshaan and recitation of the Holy Quran and the evidences of Hadith traditions and prayers of family routines and allegiance and caliphate came from his grandfather Hazrat Ismail Hasan known as Shah Ji Mian, may God bless him and grant him peace. – Apart from them, Syed Shah Mehdi Hasan Sahib and Hazrat Shah Artza Hussain Pir Mian Sahib also gave him the caliphate and made him his successor.
10/11 Jumadi al-Thani 1394/ Hijri at 11/40/ minutes in the middle of the night, due to a heart attack, he moved from this finished world to the eternal place – his maternal grandfather and mentor Hazrat Syed Shah in Marahera Mutahera. Ismail Hasan, known as Shah Ji Mian, was buried in the tomb of Hazrat Sayyid Ulama Sanad al-Hikma, Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Mustafa, Syed Mian Qadri Barakati, alaihi-rahmathu wa Rizwan, after his son Akbar Syed Millat, Hazrat Syed Shah Aal-e-Rasoul Hasnain Nazmi. May Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon him gave glory to your Musnad – Hazrat Sayyid Ulama Sanad al-Hikma Hazrat Syed Shah Aal Mustafa Sayyid Mian Qadri Barakati, peace be upon him, has a long list of caliphs, here are some of the caliphs mentioned_
* Nazmi in Syed Shah Aal-e-Rasoool Hussain
* Sharaf Millat Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ashraf Qadri Barkati
* Taj Al-Sharia Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Azhari (Alaihi Rahma).
* Hazrat Maulana Sufi Shakhawat Ali
* Hazrat Maulana Ghulam Abdul Qadir Alvi Brown Sharif

* Hazrat Maulana Ghulam Abdul Qadir Khatri

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