“I can assure you that Suryakumar Yadav will do his best if given a chance in Test cricket.”



Ex-Mumbai batsman and current Parsee Gymkhana coach Vinayak Mani said fiery batsman Suryakumar Yadav would definitely make efforts to cement his place in the Test side if given a chance. The classy batter has already made quite a name for himself in white-ball cricket, especially in T20 where he ranks number one.

Suryakumar trained with Mani on several occasions at Parsee Gymkhana as they both played together in local cricket.

The talented batsman made his international debut last year and is now the ICC’s top T20I runner-up. He has been doing well in ODIs in recent times, however, he is yet to make his Test debut.

The 32-year-old has been called into the Test side several times but has not had a chance in the starting line-up.

“You cannot predict whether Suryakumar Yadav will succeed in the Test matches but I can assure you that he will make the effort if given the chance,” said PTI coach Vinayak Mani.

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Mane has known Soria for a very long time and how coincidental they both have been associated with the same teams in the past. He began to know Surya closely when the cricketer joined Parsee Gymkhana, whose main boss, Khodadad S Yazdegardi, also took care of the man.

However, Mane began to know Surya more closely when the cricketer joined Parsee Gymkhana, whose main boss Khodadad S Yazdegardi also took care of the man.

“I was still playing a bit of cricket and just started coaching when Surya came to Parsee Gymkhana. He had had a rough time playing cricket in Mumbai and was trying to turn a corner. He always had the The shots and everyone who saw him knew he was going to play for India.

So how did Syria prepare for Australian conditions? “The credit must go to Mr. Khodadad who is also fond of Surya. At the Parsee Gymkhana we specially got a little script ready to train him with liberal lawn sprinkles.

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“One of my students, a Mumbai under-23 bowler Om Kishkamat, was a left-side arm bowler hitting his bowls with the robotic arm. Surya is also fond of Om. I also had all kinds of bowlers who gave him a decent workout,” said Mani.

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