Iranians and Kurds in Kurdistan celebrate the victory of the United States over Iran in the Qatar World Cup



Protesters in Iranian Kurdistan set off fireworks and celebrated after Iran lost to arch-rival the United States in the United States Globalism The cup is on Tuesday, according to videos on social media.

The Islamic Republic deployed state security forces against what it describes as “riots” that erupted after the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mohsa Amini, on September 16, three days after she was arrested for allegedly violating Iran’s dress code for women.

Her hometown of Saqqez, as well as other towns in the western Kurdistan region, has been a flashpoint for protests against clerical rule.

“The citizens of Saqqez started celebrating and using fireworks after America’s first goal against the Iranian soccer team,” London-based IranWire said on Twitter.

She shared a video showing fireworks with the sounds of cheering in the background. AFP was unable to immediately verify the content.

Another video clip showed Kurdish activist Kaveh Qureshi alive at night in the city of Sanandaj with sounds of cheering and trumpets after the United States scored the only goal of the match.

Fireworks were also used in Mahabad, another city in Kurdistan, after Iran lost, according to videos shared online.

Norway-based human rights group Hengau said Iranian motorists celebrated the US victory by blowing their horns in Mahabad.

She added that fireworks also lit up the sky in Marivan, another city in the Kurdistan region, where security forces launched a deadly crackdown on protests.

She added that fireworks and cheers were also heard in Paveh and Sarpol, meaning gold, in Kermanshah province.

The Iranian national team faced a double whammy of government and popular pressure in the wake of the protests, with some Iranians going so far as rooting for opposing teams.

Iranian journalist Saeed Zafarani said on Twitter after the loss, “Who would have thought that I would jump three meters and celebrate America’s goal!”

Podcast host Elah Khosravi also tweeted, “This is what makes you play in the middle. They lose to the people, the opponent, and even” the government.

“Lost. On and off the field,” Iran-based journalist Amir Ibtihaj tweeted.

The victory for the United States sent Iran out of the World Cup and secured the Islamic Republic’s arch-enemy a place in the knockout stage of the tournament in Qatar.

“The circus of the Islamic Republic football team is over,” former journalist Hamid Jafari wrote on Twitter.

“Now news of the repression cannot be hidden behind the victory or loss of the security forces’ favorite team,” he wrote, referring to videos of Iranian police celebrating the former team’s victory over Wales as they circulated in the streets.

The Oslo-based Iranian Human Rights Organization says at least 448 people have been killed by Iranian security forces in a more than two-month crackdown on protests.

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