Max Verstappen attacks Nydia for ‘illness’ reports



Max Verstappen hit back on Thursday at what he called “disgusting” and “unacceptable” news reports and online threats after refusing to follow team orders at last Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

In an angry rejection of the narrative created by the events at Interlagos, where he ignored team orders, the 25-year-old Dutchman made an impassioned response to his critics.

The two-time Interlagos world champion was asked to let Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez pass him, but he refused in a blunt rebuke on team radio that surprised the Mexican and many close observers.

He also refused to explain his motives and continued to do so on Thursday when he was adamant that the journalists had taken offense at his mistake, claiming that he was a player on a team with whom Perez had a great relationship.

“After that race I looked really bad in the media, but they didn’t have a clear image,” said Verstappen.

“To be honest like that is ridiculous because they don’t know how I work in the team and what the team appreciates in me.

“All the things I’ve read are disgusting.”

He went on to add: “More than that, they started attacking my family, my sister, my mother, my girlfriend, and my father.

“This definitely has to stop. If you have a problem with me, that’s fine but don’t go after my family.

“I hope one day they will understand what was happening because it is unacceptable behaviour.

“A lot of people, and in this arena to be honest, it’s not just fans. A lot of people, what they write about me is ridiculous.”

Perez point

Red Bull wanted Perez to earn an extra point in his attempt to beat Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to finish second in the drivers’ championship this season in order to score the first two.

Perez was offended by Verstappen’s actions in Brazil and said he had shown “the real him”.

Some media outlets claimed that Verstappen’s reaction at Interlagos was in response to suggestions that Perez had deliberately crashed in qualifying at the Monaco Grand Prix to impede the Dutchman.

Perez went on to win in Monaco but at the Yas Marina circuit on Thursday he denied crashing on purpose.

He said, “The rumors are false. This is just speculation from the media out there and people who create rumours.

“I almost crash in the first round and everyone makes mistakes in Monaco or in public in qualifying. It’s not like it was done on purpose.”

Verstappen refused to reveal the real reason for ignoring team orders.

“I just thought we were going to race and try to get the best result we could,” he said.

“We had a bit of a misunderstanding on Saturday and Sunday, and nothing was said to me about a possible swap.”

In a statement, Red Bull cited death threats, hate mail and vitriol and said the abuse must stop.

Perez said the Monaco Grand Prix was not discussed within the team when they held an emergency meeting in Brazil.

“We discussed what happened in Sao Paulo internally and agreed that in the interest of the team, this must remain internal.

“It is better not to open up any speculations and be able to move forward and be the team we used to be, united and strong. This is the priority of the team.”

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