PCB main Faults Check Point and solve

PCB main point Check

If our Indoor and Outdoor Unit not running. Our power and breaker is On But neither is our Outdoor running and neither indoor. Some main fault we should always check. Open PCB from Indoor.

Fuse Check:

we should always check Fuse, Our unit will not work If the fuse gets damaged. And check also main wire some companies has adjust fuse in the main wire. If fuse is damage so change the fuse.

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Main Wire:

we should always check main wire with Multi Meter that Main wire is fine or damage If wire is damage so change the wire.


we should always check Transformer, Transformer is Convert electricity to AC to DC electricity. if transformer is damage we should change.

PCB Relay:

we should always check PCB relay, PCB relays are compact relay devices used for power management in control system designs
which require the relay to be mounted directly on the printed circuit board. if PCB relay is damage we should change.