“People came together and it became a caravan.”



“People came together and it became a caravan.”

The “wobbly” fourth pillar of democracy i.e. media may not show you the coverage of Bharat Jodo Yatra but in reality this Yatra has made its place in the hearts of the people. Common Indians are pitiful because whenever a movement is started with their issues in mind, instead of taking their issues to the government, a certain section of the media turns against the movement and people associated with it. He puts all his energy into propaganda. Their “Khabrilal” reach not to make news of the protest or movement happening on behalf of the people, but to “take news” of it. Shaheen Bagh protest and Kisan Movement are recent examples of this. How the peaceful protest was called a negative and anti-national movement by the media of this special class. Attempts were made to provoke the protestors by asking blunt or provocative questions. Later, people’s speech was cut and shown on TV and hatred was instilled in the hearts and minds of the viewers against Shaheen Bagh and Kisan Tehreek. Seeing this attitude of the media, where the people try to put their problems before the government in a peaceful manner, they have to do an extra effort to refute the fake news related to the protest and show the right news. You may remember, fed up with repeated false news by the media during the Kisan protest, the pathetic Kisan brothers had to create their own page/channel on social sites. Where he used to show the correct news and also deny the news which was shown with the intention of discrediting the movement.

Media people continued their same game with Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodu Yatra. In the early stages of the yatra, the Congress and Rahul Gandhi were heavily mocked and criticized, with the country’s media taking the lead. Even baseless questions were raised about Rahul Gandhi’s food, drink, clothes, but the same criticism, jokes and repeated dragging of the news against the Yatra made the Yatra popular among the people. Rahul Gandhi had already anticipated the negative attitude of the media. As expected, a certain section of the media continued to show news against the Bharat Jodu Yatra, which Rahul Gandhi and his team continued to deny and provided updates related to the Yatra through social networking sites, press conferences, regional newspapers and channels. Continued to deliver to the public.
The yatra started from September 7, 2022 under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi was aimed at uniting people against inflation, hatred and unemployment. A large number of people, especially youth, many important and leading figures of the country including social organizations participated in this yatra and supported the yatra. People from various fields like Sanjay Raut, Yogendra Yadav, Pooja Bhatt, Swara Bhaskar, Kamal Haasan, Farooq Abdullah, Prakash Raj etc. participated in Bharat Jodu Yatra.
Throughout this yatra, Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly reminded that his aim is to unite the people and end hatred of the country. Although the purpose of Bharat Jodu Yatra is not being said to be political interest, but it is also a fact that Congress, which has been lax for a long time, is now looking active. Irrespective of cold, rain, snow, criticism, ridicule, Bharat Jodo Yatra is now entering its final stage. The popularity of the pilgrimage can also be gauged from the fact that the leaders who left after calling the Congress Khairabad, are now slowly returning to the Congress. Which has been welcomed by the Congress. According to reports, 17 leaders of the Democratic Azad Party of senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad have returned to the Congress. It should be noted that senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad left the Congress some time ago and formed his own separate party.
It is still difficult to estimate how beneficial the Bharat Jodo Yatra will prove to be for the Congress in the upcoming elections, but in any case, even the Congress opponents are now convinced of the popularity of this Yatra. Bharat Jodu Yatra is scheduled to end with flag hoisting in Srinagar on January 30. It will be interesting to see what method the Congress adopts to keep itself politically active after this. There is still time for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections but the BJP has started its preparations with full dedication. It is also worth mentioning here that inflation, unemployment, public problems are on one side and the religious sentiments of the Indian people are on the other side. However, this “weakness” of the people is well taken advantage of. It will be raised in the upcoming elections as well. Defeating the BJP is a big challenge for the Congress, but in the eyes of supporters and opponents, Bharat Jodu Yatra has become a movement that has been welcomed by the people. But they can be understood. People’s problems have never been solved, and never will be, by just making big sentences, promises and waving hands while looking at the camera.

Hamna Kabir, Varanasi (Courtesy Rashtriya Sahara Daily)


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