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All New ModelDC Inverter Split AC

Samsung 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC New

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Fast Cooling Mode cools much faster by running the compressor at the maximum level with the fastest fan speed for 30 minutes*. It’s Digital Inverter 8-Pole also helps it quickly reach the maximum Hz when it starts.

Works smart, saves energy
An energy-efficient Digital Inverter 8-Pole maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning off and on. So it uses less energy* and helps you stay comfortable for long periods.


Model     :     AR18NV3HEWK 

Refrigerant   :  R410a

Indoor net weight   :   10kg

Outdoor net weight   :   27.4kg

Power Source(Φ/V/Hz)   :     1 / 220 ~ 240 ~ / 50

Operating Current(Cooling, A)   :  7.8 A (Ampere)

Btu  : 19790

Kw   :  5.8

Price : INR : 43500

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Operating Mode

2 Step Cooling        :     Yes
Fast Cool                 :     Yes
Comfort Cool          :    Yes
Good Sleep             :     Yes
Single User Mode :     Yes
Dehumidification  :    Yes
Fan Mode                :    Yes
Quiet                        :     Yes

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