How to set timer on/off in Air conditioner|Easy to use timer AC

Timer on/off in Air conditioner

Everyone can see timer button in ac remote, some People know his feature and some People don’t know what is this and how to use this.

Function :

When we sleep at night and our AC is in running, But when we need to turn off the AC, then we get up at half night for turn off the AC. when we use this option and set the time that is when the AC should be turn OFF, Then we don’t have to get up at midnight. AC will turn off automatically.

Timer is best option in AC but Some AC’s don’t have this Option but this Option is available in all latest model. 

How to use Timer Button :

Press timer button by doing remote direction on the AC side then timer will ON and now we can adjust time with temperature control button.

AC Timer Button Watch Video

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