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How to open easy rust screws & Bolts

Open rust able screws & Bolts Sometimes rust gets on our nut or Screw, and it doesn’t open easily, screw driver and key are happening slipped. we can open it with some ways. By heating it By using WD40 By grip plier By Heating : we can heat it by gas welding plant but be

Long piping effect AC & How much gas needed

Long piping effect AC & How much gas needed In many places we have to install long pipe. If we are Installing a AC and we need long pipe connection, 70ft to 80ft. So our AC will take more amperes. Normal pipe we use for best cooling is 10ft but we can use 20ft to

How to Vacuum AC without vacuum Pump

If you are working and you want vacuum your AC but you do not have vacuum Pump So how can you vacuum without a vacuum pump? it’s very easy just follow some steps. Discharge Pipe connect with outdoor and suction pipe will be open and Discharge L key valve will be open and Suction L

AC leaking save 100%| Ac not leaking use best formula

AC Leaking Save Formula Sometimes our indoor or outdoor gets leaked again and again. In this Condition i have 1 Solution. I think if you follow this solution your AC will work Perfect. I am use this Solution from a Year, its response is good. Mostly AC’s Indoor Evaporator or Outdoor Condenser Leak from U

Window AC ICE on Pipe Solve Fault

Window AC ICE on Pipe If ice coming on your Windows AC Piping. Turn your AC on and You should check your running gas pressure with line Gauge. R22 refrigerant Running back pressure is 65 PSI. If your Gas is low you should charge your Gas and if your Gas is high you should reduce your

Ice on Pipe Main Reasons RAC

Ice on Pipe Main Reasons RAC In split AC Ice on Discharge Pipe: If Ice is Coming on Discharge Pipe, So that means your AC gas is low. Your AC will reduce cooling. You should charge your gas, So your AC will do a good job. If your AC’s Gas is low you should check

Compressor Refrigerator selection litter and cubic feet || Fully4world

Description: Which compressor will replace the refrigerator, What kind of litter is your refrigerator or how many cubic feet and what size of your compressor it will take  Bellow you’ll get a full details… Thank you very much for your visit.  Domestic Signal Door Refrigerator  Domestic Double door refrigerator   1,021 total views, no views today