Rotary Compressor Back Pressure fix problem

In English

Rotary Compressor Back Pressure fix problem

Sometimes Rotary Compressor hit Back Pressure (Reverse Pressure). and then Our Compressor will damage and AC will not Cooling. 

How we can Solve this?

We should Check his by Remove the oil from the compressor. The compressor has to be reversed to extract the oil and stay 10 minutes. After this check the oil that How much oil has come out. If oil is low in Compressor then we should charge oil 600 ml to 700 ml in 1.5 ton rotary Compressor.

How to charge oil in Compressor

Sometimes the oil goes into the pipes And a little oil is left in the compressor and then we face Reverse pressure problem

In Urdu and Hindi

Kabi kabi compressor Back Pressure marta hai or is sy hamara Compressor khrab bi hosakta ha or Cooling bi nahi karsakta.

Isy kaisy Hal kiya jy?

Isy hal karny k liye Compressor ka sara Oil nikaly or check kary k kitna oil Nikla ha agar oil kam ha to charge kary 1.5 ton compressor ma 600 ml sy 700 ml tak oil charge hota hai . Mazeed information k liye nichy video Dakhain

How to charge oil in Compressor

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