How To work Refrigerator Thermostat in Full detail

In English

How To work Refrigerator Thermostat :

Uses of Thermostat:

Thermostat is a Part of every Refrigerator. The work of Thermostat is automatic Trip Refrigerator, When the temperature is To be fulfilled What we have set.

Thermostats are used in any device or system that heats or cools to a setpoint temperature.

How Work Thermostat :

we can see long thin pipe (this pipe look like a wire) with thermostat and in this thin pipe gas inside. When the gas cools according to the temperature then Thermostat will Trip.

How to check that thermostat is damage or not :

Sometimes we see many Ice in refrigerator in Direct Cool, And it doesn’t shrink, it grows its mean that Thermostat does not working.

we can check with multimeter, we should set meter on Continuity and thermostat should Turn ON and Check his Continuity. when thermostat ON then his Continuity should Show on Meter If thermostat OFF then not Show.

In Urdu and Hindi

Thermostat ek esi Device hai jo har Heat or Cool ko control karny k liye lgai jati ha. AC or Refrigerator ma bi Use hota ha.

Refrigerator k thermostat k sath ek lamba Pipe lga hota hai Breek sa hota jo wire ki tarha lagta ha is pipe ma Gas hoti ha jab ye gas tahndi hoti ha fridge ki cooling sy to thermostat ON ya OFF hota.

Kabi Kabaar hamary Fridge ma Kabi zyada Baraf Jam jati ha Nichy waly Khany ma bi baraf jam jati ha kafi zyada iska matlab ye ha k thermostat kam nahi kar raha.

Or ham Meter sy check kar sakty hai Continuity k zariye. agar Thermostat On ha to Continuity meter py show honi chahiye agar OFF ha to Continuity show nahi honi chahiye.

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