single phase Hitachi rotary type compressor model numbers and power ton air conditioner




How to detect the Hitachi compressor model much power is compressor. and how many ton of ac will take. you will get the compressor model number below. from where you can find the compressors details…

Hitachi Rotary Type Compressor Detail 

Model Number          BTU          Voltage        Ton AC    

G533                        9000             220              – 1 TON

SH833                    12000            220                1 TON

  SHy33                    17000             220               1.5 TON

  SHW33                  20000            220               1.5 TON

 SHX33                   20000            220               1.5 TON

SHV33                 24000            220               2 TON

SHU33                   27000             220               2.5 TON

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Hello Friends Apko is post mai Hitachi compressor rotary type ky koch model numbers dea hai jisy ap ye jan sakty hai k kis model number ka compressor kitny ton k ac ko lagy ga bohot he easy tariky sy ap uper dekh sakty hai compressor k kis model number ka ho compressor to kitny voltage pr chaly ga or kitny BTU ka hai or kis ac ko lagy ga yani k kitny ton k ac ko lagy ga…

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