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It is known about the famous English writer Joseph Conrad that the language of his dreams was Polish, the language of imagination was French and the language of writing was English. Such is the situation of the first Urdu poet and writer of Kerala, Mr. Syed Mohammad Sarwar, whose mother tongue is Malayalam, the language of imagination is Arabic and the written language is Urdu. Not only in a short period of time, he got acquainted with the art of poetry, but also began to study literature. In particular, the study of Iqbaliyat filled the heart and mind of Sarwar Sahib with a spiritual joy and vision and soon the poet’s Eastern style, Tarzada and some high-level philosophical allusions were completely embedded in Sarwar’s chest. Kalam Sarwar While studying it, it is clear that he has completely adapted his poems to the style of Allama Iqbal. Every poem of Mr. Sarwar is a complete follower of Iqbal.

It is generally seen that people whose language is not Urdu like ghazal and try to say ghazal only. But the case of Sarwar Sahib is completely opposite. “I have not written a single ghazal, only poems. His poems are on various topics, including poems on today’s topics, contemporary problems and accidents, and also moral and religious poems. Which is actually the result of a deep study of Iqbal’s poetry. There is also a beautiful poem of his on his homeland “Kerala” in which the color of Iqbal is shown. See some poems of the poem “Kerala”:

Jewel of India is Kerala

Kerala is a treasure of many rare items

When the sun sinks into the ocean in the evening

Mahtab immediately comes to find the torch

Khalid Asa, Janafza, Wajd Afreen and Kaif bar

Every sky holds a wonderful spring in the foothills

And finally he describes Kerala as better than Kashmir (which is considered to be the paradise of mainland India):

You call Kashmir Firdous on earth

I say say more than Kerala Firdous

While Mr. Sarwar has followed Iqbal in his poems, he has also completely imitated him in the selection of the names of his poems. Kafir and Believer”, “A Dialogue in Firdous”, “Aql and Heart”, “Shama wa Parwana”, “Rumi”, “Taste and Love”, “Iqbal”, “Awakening”, “Hope”, “Captive”. Ek Bhari Qazaq and Iskander”, “Iblis and Majlis Shoori”, “In memory of the late mother” etc. Now see some titles of Sarwar Sahib’s poems: “Shan Momin”, “Josh Kahn”, “Iqbal”. “Iqbal and Rumi’s Dialogue in Paradise”, “Wheat-Nama Jufrosh”, “Genghis Era”, “Pharaoh’s Slogan”, “The Dialogue of Mind and Heart”, “Eid”, “Eternal Life”, “Long Wishes”, “Ah Ama” etc. It means that each title is similar to the titles of Iqbal. Also, just as Iqbal has many poems for children, in the same way, Sarwar also followed Allama Iqbal by writing some good poems for children. Complete evidence is given. Such as “Children’s Prayer”, “Mosquito and Infant”, “Butterfly and Baby”, “From Children”, “Jagno” etc.

High flight of ideas, lyricism, poetry, creation of meaning, beautiful techniques and cleanliness and fluency of language are the life and characteristics of Iqbal’s poetry. He had made Iqbal’s poetry his cloak and considered it a matter of pride and happiness to follow him. If his collection of poems “Naoy Sarwar” (with selections by Armaghan Kerala) is studied closely, he is rightly considered as Iqbal’s poetry. True followers are seen who have Iqbalism embedded in their veins. As Iqbal used metaphors such as Shaheen, self-image, man of Qalandar, man of faith, man of poverty, man of honor, man of wisdom, self-seeker and self-denial etc. in his poetry. In the passage, the impressions of a bright character are raised. This character is a very powerful embodiment of self-enlightenment, which is capable of ruling the kingdom. Sarwar has also tried his best to present all these metaphors of Iqbal in his poems and he seems to be quite successful in his efforts. Understand the depth of the analogy with the poems. Iqbal’s famous poem is:

Maratrik is not rich, but poor

Do not sell yourself, make a name in poverty

Sir Sarwar says:

You are proud of wealth, I am proud of poverty

This house is the cradle of coins

This is the greatness of poverty

Be fearless! Go through the situation!

He has also given a place to Iqbal’s philosophy of self in his poems:

Don’t despair of self-indulgence

That he has a wound is a veiled arrangement


This constitution of nature is Muslim from eternity

Self-realization cannot be lost

There are those who are self-possessed, in whom there is pride

By the grace of God, they emerge superior in the future


“Shaheen” has the status of being the symbol of a man of faith in Iqbal, so it is the most beloved bird of Iqbal. Saroor Sahib has expressed his perfect imitation of this beloved bird of Iqbal by adorning his poems:

You have to fly, your work is yours

There are more skies ahead of you


I am Shaheen, this world is not a dead destination

This atmosphere is limited, unhealthy for me


Just as Iqbal has a lot of complex ideas and Persian similes, Sarwar also has a large number of such poems. Such as:

Khaled Asa, Janafza, Wajd Afreen and Kaif bar

Every sky has a wonderful spring in its foothills

Awaken poetic taste if dreamy

May the song of Kaif be on every smiling lips

On the contrary, occasionally the Persian Isha’a rabbis are adding to the splendor of his collection:

Sarvar Russia Ra Ranj Madha Bro Mazan

Nishtar khish nimshab karmak subak reez to

Have you considered? He has not left Iqbal’s feet even in Persian poetry and by using words like Neem Shab, Karmak and Subak Riz, he has presented evidence of his utmost devotion to Iqbal.

Through a few words and techniques, Iqbal has woven some such hints which are a high example of the elevation of thought and the creation of meaning, as well as complete poetry, lyricism and fluidity of expression, and which can be called the height of innovation in thought, for example, “Law and The composition of “Ala”, the hint of “Lolak” and mentioning the names of Prophets, Companions, Sufis and Sultans in a very attractive and meaningful way etc.!! Sarwar’s collection is also full of this kind of heart-warming allusions and techniques. One of his own poems “Iqbal” in which Sarwar has paid tribute to the poet of the East says:

You are angry, you are full of alcohol

That today your properties and your people are filling up

Another verse of the same poem is:

Why should there be a crowd?

Rumi was the Peer Mughan here, he is your imam

In another poem called “Dialogue in Heaven Iqbal and Rumi” says:

So there was Razi and Arfi, then there was Saadi and Rumi

Who has doubts about the purity of your thoughts?

In a poem called “Influenced by the Jewish Occupy of Jerusalem” he says:

Get up and clear Gulshan from the Zionists!

Alive then in Afaq “Lolak” that song!

The honor of the Sabbath Prophet will wake up again

Zulfikari is a determined sword

Be fruitful and multiply

Then there should be a ruler born like Salahuddin

Do not be disappointed by Nusrat Ghaibi

Why is Abraham familiar with Azar?

Like other poets, Mr. Sarwar is not a poet of cynicism or cynicism, but the light of hope and hope shines in his poetry. He has also learned this attribute from Iqbal, which is the distinguishing feature of his poetry. See Iqbal’s poem:

Iqbal is not hopeless with his shipwreck

If it is slightly moist, this soil is very fertile, Saki!

From the Desert of Nickel that overthrew the Roman Empire

I have heard from the saints that lion will be smart again

Sarwarsaheb said:

Shamsher Bakf again fell Muslim warrior

The coin of vanity can never flow

The complaint is bad for you sir

Laughter passed through the throat

Iqbal has demanded before Allah Almighty like his predecessors a burning heart, the strength to fight falsehood and the passion to burn oneself in Ishq Mustafawi and he requested the Muslims to have the same long-standing fervor of faith and determination. So he says:

Give your children self-improvement

Let the long-standing lightning burn the liver!

Now look at Sarwar’s poem, which is almost the same meaning as Iqbal’s poem, and from which Sarwar’s thoughts are in perfect harmony with Iqbal’s style of expression. they say:

Give the servant of the believer the same heartburn again

Then make the candle of guidance!

These are just a few examples. By the way, each and every poem of the Prophet is an undeniable proof of deep connection and deep similarity between him and Hakeem-ul-Umat Allama Iqbal. A non-literate like Sarwar, a poet of immortal fame like Allama Iqbal, who has been given the status of a prophet by Arbab Khurd, in the loftiness of his thoughts and the complexities of his ideas, is an attempt to resemble him to such an extent, and certainly a little success in this. A hundred praises and a thousand praises.

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