The young Indian pays tribute to Suryakumar Yadav



Less than two years since his international debut, Suryakumar Yadav has become an example to the youth of the Indian cricket team on how to play in the shortest form of the game. After making his debut in March 2021, Suryakumar has become the best T20I player in the world with cricketers all over the world praising his flawless timing and amazing style of play.

SKY lit up the T20 World Cup in Australia with his daring shots and continued his surreal form through the New Zealand T20I series as he blasted off his second century in form.

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to rise India Superstar Ishan Kishan said he praised Suryakumar’s professionalism and work ethic, revealing how everyone in the team now aspires to emulate his batting style.

“I wanted so badly to be on the non-striking end (when SKY bats), he makes the batting look so easy,” Ishan told the announcers ahead of the third T20I between India and New Zealand on Tuesday.

And he continued, each of us wants to strike like him. He is very calm every time, and I think everything is going according to plan for him. Off the field I’ve played with him for the past few years, he’s very professional with his diet, his sleep and his diet. We, the guys, can learn a lot from him and how he fights and his energy and work ethic are always 100 percent.”

Suryakumar, 32, had to wait a long time before he got his India cap, with player Hardik Pandya claiming he should have started playing international cricket two years ago.

Surya himself said that he always remembers his past and how quickly his career has changed since his debut in India. “I always go back in time. When I’m in the room or traveling with my wife, we constantly talk about the situation it was like two or three years ago. What is the situation now and what has changed now since then and we still discuss that time.”

“Obviously there was a little bit of a letdown at the time but we always tried to see if there was something positive I could take out of that stage. How can I become a better cricketer, how do I take a step forward. After that time I tried to do different things, Like eating good food, doing good training sessions, sleeping on time, so today I’m reaping the fruits of all those things that I did back then.”

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