Trane air conditioner Error Code (EC, E1, E2, E8) and more


Applicable to inverter air Conditioner Only

E8Indoor fan motor speed out of control
E1In-outdoor unit COMM.checking channel is abnormal
E2Room Temp.sensor checking channel is abnormal
E3pipe TEMP.sensor checking channel is abnormal(T2)
E4pipe TEMP.sensor checking channel is abnormal(T2B)
E7EPPROM Malfuntion
EEWater-level alarm Malfuntion
EdOutdoor Malfuntion
F3Indoor twins communication Malfuntion
F4other Malfuntion of Twins
EcRefrigerant leaked detection Malfuntion

Applicable to fixed-frequency air conditioner only

E1In-Outdoor unit COMM. Checking channel is abnormal
E2Room temperature sensor Checking channel is abnormal
E3Pipe temperature sensor Checking channel is abnormal
E4Outdoor TEMP.seensor Checking channel is abnormal
E6Outdoor malfunction
E5Pump temperature sensor malfunction
E7EEPROM malfunction
E8water-level alarm malfunction
EcRefrigerator leakage detection malfunction
EbDC motor speed out of control
EdOutdoor unit low pressure error

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