Varioline Showcase VCS-19 Circuit Wiring Diagram


Varioline Intercool Refrigerator Showcase VCS-19 Circuit wiring Diagram

Model : VCS-19  Indoor Use Only

Cabinet Dimensions WxDxH(mm) 680 x 685 x 2000 (Excluding Wheels)
Volume (Litres) 544
Operating Temperature 0ºC to +7.2ºC
Refrigerant R-134a/R-290
Voltage Supply 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
No. of Adjustable Shelves 5
Facing x No.of 330 ml Can 8 x 510
Header Lighting N/A
Facing x No.of 500 ml PET/Glass Bottle 8 x 280
Cabinet Lighting LED
Container Loading (20’/40’) 21/48
Gross Weight (Kgs)112


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