Who is Sandhya Devanathan and what does she bring to Facebook and Co. in India?



meta India The outgoing head of state soon replaced Ajit Mohan with a familiar face within the company. The new Head of Meta in India will be Sandhya Devanathan which was confirmed by the company earlier this week. She will take over as Vice President of Meta India from January 1, 2023. But who is Sandhya Devanathan, how long has she been a part of Facebook/Meta and what does she bring to the company in India? Below is a detailed profile of the new Head of Meta India.

Sandhya Devanathan – Meta India’s new boss but not for the company

Sandhya has Bsc technology (B.Tech) in Chemical Engineering from Andhra University in 1994, after which she did her Masters degree Business in Management (MBA) from Delhi University in 1998. She also did a short course on Leadership from Oxford University in 2014.

Her professional growth was also very impressive. Citigroup is where she started her career, after which she worked for Standard Chartered in 2009. Devanathan started her journey to Meta in January 2016 when it was still known as Facebook.

She joined as Group Director for South East Asia where she was given insight into e-commerce, travel and FinServ in Singapore. Eight months later, she was promoted to General Manager of the company in Singapore and Head of Business in Vietnam.

It’s clear that she has built her experience in the Asian market, which will help her diversify in her new role as Head of India for Meta. Sandhya will lead Meta India in a new direction and, according to Meta, focus on bringing together the organisation’s business and revenue priorities.

You will also overlook projects from other Meta products such as WhatsApp and Instagram Reels which are very popular in India. She will also take care of the new JioMart project on WhatsApp, using all her e-commerce experience to build a compelling product and sell it through partners.

Mita is looking for a fresh start amidst the turmoil

Sandhya will also take over at a time when Meta is going through a turmoil of sorts, with global and Indian teams being scaled back to meet its business targets.

In addition, facing the Indian government and its regular scrutiny will also be part of her responsibilities now, which, as her predecessors have shown, is not easy. Revenue will be the core part of its KRAs and Meta will hope it can bring all its experience from the retail business to grow its products in a challenging market like India.

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