Why You Shouldn’t Ignore HVAC Maintenance


The efficiency of your HVAC system depends on how well it is maintained. If it undergoes regular adjustments and inspections, unexpected breakdowns are less likely.

Air conditioning technicians recommend checking your unit once or twice a year. Not maintaining your home’s heating and cooling system will only lead to major problems. Here are some things that might happen if you neglect HVAC system maintenance:

Indoor air quality is inadequate

Air circulation is greatly affected when the HVAC system is poorly maintained. Vents that are not maintained cannot function efficiently at filtering airborne contaminants, allergens, dust, and debris; Their filters need to be cleaned and replaced once every three months. Regular cleaning also helps avoid health risk factors caused by dirty units and poor indoor air quality.

Low efficiency

Delaying HVAC tuning means putting your HVAC system at risk by allowing minor problems to fester over time. For example, air filters and vents accumulate dust particles, dirt, and small debris, causing them to become clogged. When this happens, your air conditioning unit works much harder to reach the proper indoor air temperature in your living room. If this continues for long periods of time, unexpected breakdowns of the units occur.

High energy consumption

Maintaining your HVAC system regularly can reduce your home’s energy consumption by 25-30%, helping you avoid higher-than-normal electricity bills. Meanwhile, heating and cooling appliances that are not well maintained tend to work harder and force air through filters to give the home a proper indoor temperature. This consumes more energy than usual, but can be avoided if HVAC adjustment is performed frequently.

Reduces unit life

A normal HVAC system can last about 10 to 15 years, but its lifespan decreases if checks and inspections are neglected. Some components of air conditioning units require maintenance to avoid frequent breakdowns and repairs. However, if you ignore them, the biggest risks are associated with them because they still consume energy excessively.

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