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Refrigerator basic work Cycle System diagram

Refrigerator basic work Cycle System

Full Basic work heat and cool system A to Z Diagram 

Refrigerator is an important part of every home. A refrigerator is defined as an air-conditioned box, which provides temperature controlled storage for food items and other necessities. The interior of a refrigerator is made of glass or plastic. The common applications of a refrigerator are household, retail, transportation and industrial. Every HVAC technicians Should know that how Refrigerator basic work Cycle System. If he know Then it will be easier to repair. you can see Below Diagram of Refrigerator Working System.

In the current world of technology, every new thing is being modified and today we are going to talk about the refrigerator, which was invented about a century ago. Today’s refrigerator is a big enough machine to store food for long periods of time. We will learn about how to take care of it, why and how to use it, and so on.
Everyone knows what a refrigerator is, right? It is a household appliance that keeps food cool. Although refrigerators have had a lot of changes in the last century, they still keep our food cold. The running of the refrigerator is quite simple

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Diagram Refrigerator basic work Cycle System

Refrigerator basic work Cycle System

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