Acson AC Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Acson AC Error Codes

Acson AC Error Codes : The code indication changes as shown below, and notifies with a long beep.

E1Outdoor Pcb Error
E3High Pressure Protection
E4Low Pressure Protection
E5Compressor Motor Lock/Compressor Overloaded
E6Compressor Start-up Error
E7Outdoor Dc Fan Motor Lock
E8Ac Input Over Current
E9Exv Errorea 4 Way Valve Error
F3Discharge Pipe Overheat
F6Heat Exchanger Overheat
A1Indoor Pcb Error
A3Drain Pump Abnormal
A5Antifreeze (Cooling)/Heat Exchanger Overheat (Heating)
A6Indoor Fan Motor Abnormalah Electrical Air Cleaner Abnormal
C4Indoor Heat Exchanger (1) Thermistor Short/open
C5Indoor Heat Exchanger (2) Thermistor Short/open
C7Louver Limit Switch Error
C9Indoor Room Thermistor Short/open
H0Compressor Sensor System Error
F3High Pressure Switch Error
H6Compressor Feedback Detection Error
H7Fan Motor Overloaded/Overcurrent/Sensor Abnormal
H8AC Current Sensor Error

Error Code Faulty Indication Error / Code Faulty Indication

E01Require manual reset (possible causes)
E02Compressor 1 high temperature (overload)
E03Compressor 2 high temperature (overload)
E04Compressor 3 high temperature (overload)
E05Compressor 4 high temperature (overload)
E06Compressor 1 high pressure trip / contact open
E07Compressor 2 high pressure trip / contact open
E08Compressor 3 high pressure trip / contact open
E09Compressor 4 high pressure trip / contact open
E10Compressor 1 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal
E11Compressor 2 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal
E12Compressor 3 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal
E13Compressor 4 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal
E14Room sensor short E32 Compressor 1 de-ice
E15Room sensor open E33 Compressor 2 de-ice
E16Indoor coil sensor 1 short E34 Compressor 3 de-ice
E17Indoor coil sensor 2 short E35 Compressor 4 de-ice
E18Indoor coil sensor 3 short
E19Indoor coil sensor 4 short
E20Indoor coil sensor 1 open
E21Indoor coil sensor 2 open
E22Indoor coil sensor 3 open
E23Indoor coil sensor 4 open
E24Outdoor coil sensor 1 short
E25Outdoor coil sensor 2 short
E26Outdoor coil sensor 3 short
E27Outdoor coil sensor 4 short
E28Outdoor coil sensor 1 open
E29Outdoor coil sensor 2 open
E30Outdoor coil sensor 3 open
E31Outdoor coil sensor 4 open
E32Compressor 1 de-ice
E33Compressor 2 de-ice
E34Compressor 3 de-ice
E35Compressor 4 de-ice

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