Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretary Jay Shah has been elected Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce Finance and Accounting Committee: Report


Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretary Jay Shah has been elected Chairman of the ICC’s powerful Finance and Trade Commission (F&CA) at the International Conference. cricket Council meeting (ICC).

Shah will assume the responsibility of chairing the most important committee of the International Criminal Court. All major fiscal policy decisions are made by the F&CA Committee prior to approval by the ICC Board of Directors.

“Every member accepted Jay as chair of the F&CA committee. This is an equally powerful subcommittee apart from the ICC president (Greg Barclay),” an ICC source told PTI on the condition of anonymity.

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It includes revenue sharing among member states as well as the various major sponsorship deals that the global body signs during the year.

The F&CA committee is always chaired by an ICC board member and Shah’s election makes clear that he will represent BCCI on the ICC board of directors.

The position of F&CA President used to be India’s position during the N Srinivasan era but during Shashank Manohar’s tenure as Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce, the authority of the BCCI has been drastically diminished.

In fact, during the term of the Administrators Committee, there came a point where the BCCI had no representation on the F&CA Committee.

The former president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sourav Ganguly, was a member of the F&CA committee until last year.

India is a commercial hub for global cricket with more than 70 percent sponsorship coming from the region. “It is imperative that the ICC always presides over the F&CA,” the ICC source said.

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Meanwhile, New Zealander Greg Barclay on Saturday was unanimously re-elected as the president of the International Cricket Council (ICC) for a second two-year term.

“It is a great honor to be re-elected as President of the International Cricket Council and I would like to thank my fellow ICC Directors for their support,” Barclay said on his reappointment.

“Over the past two years, we have made significant strides forward by launching our global growth strategy which provides clear direction for building a successful and sustainable future for our sport.

“It’s an exciting time to be involved in cricket and I look forward to continuing to work closely with our members to strengthen the game in our core markets as well as develop it beyond, ensuring that more of the world can enjoy cricket.” Barclay, an Auckland-based commercial lawyer, was originally appointed as ICC president in November 2020. He was previously the head of the New Zealand cricket team (NZC) and was the director of the Men’s Cricket World Cup at the International Cricket Council in 2015.

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