FIFA World Cup 2022: Global Attitude

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FIFA World Cup 2022: Global Attitude

The FIFA World Cup is in the headlines these days. With the best and high-quality arrangements, Qatar has made every effort to provide all kinds of facilities to the players and football fans who arrive in Qatar from all over the world, but the start of this month-long tournament is just a few days away. It has been reported that the host country, Qatar, is constantly facing accusations and criticism. In particular, domestic and western media are making various accusations about the restrictions imposed by Qatar during the FIFA World Cup. Seeing which, it is thought that for many countries, it has become a noose as to why Qatar is being given so much importance by giving it a big responsibility. If we look beyond these accusations, Qatar is really a History is going to be made. Qatar has tried its best to maintain its Muslim identity and traditions even at the FIFA World Cup event. On which a large number of people including many countries and players have registered their protest. Qatar’s keeping its Islamic identity and traditions is not a bad thing, which is being raised so much. If we talk about our country India, college, university functions, literary gatherings and sports and entertainment occasions are often started with puja and lighting of candles. Guests attending such events are often welcomed by the hosts with a peck on the forehead, to which no one protested. This ritual was considered as a part of Indian tradition and culture and was accepted with joy by non-Hindus. During the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar, selling alcohol, wearing skimpy clothing, openly displaying or supporting homosexuality is prohibited in stadiums. These rules are being enforced by saying that “everyone is welcome in our country. But citizens coming to Qatar from other countries must respect our tradition and culture. Due to the FIFA World Cup, some days We cannot hide our traditions.”
According to Western media reports, Qatar is also accused of violating human rights, which Qatar has denied. Many complaints have also started coming from the fans regarding the arrangements.
A sad fact is that almost all sports are becoming a part of politics. If we talk about cricket, politics has started to be played well along with cricket. Ordinary Muslims are very happy that Qatar has maintained Islamic traditions in the FIFA World Cup. But at the same time, they have also suffered from complacency that Qatar has completely banned alcohol during the FIFA World Cup. Manwaliya is. While the true news is that the sale of alcohol has been banned within the confines of the stadium, regular alcohol is being sold to ticket holders outside the stadium. Alcohol is haram in Islam, but it has not yet been “declared” completely haram in Qatar. The ban has also been imposed on littering in stadiums and fines have been imposed for littering, but I don’t know why we often hear those things. We don’t see things from which we can learn something. Many fake news and old videos related to the FIFA World Cup are being shared on the internet after researching them. In an old video showing some people converting to Islam, some zealous Muslim brothers and sisters also linked it to Qatari FIFA. By linking this event to Qatar and sharing it, Islam is being “propagandized”. At the same time, the false news of the acceptance of Islam by the famous American actor Morgan Freeman, who participated in the opening ceremony, also started circulating on the Internet, which was shared without verification.
Spreading wrong news and misunderstandings among people is not a proper practice. Why do you people get so emotional? The FIFA World Cup has been an entertaining but controversial game that has nothing remotely to do with Islam. Now it is often shown and shared by Muslims as if a religious gathering has started in Qatar. On the Internet, many passionate youths are unnecessarily arguing with non-Muslims, resulting in abuse. When these debates and arguments begin to cross the line, non-Muslims pour venom against Islam and Islamic personalities. Isn’t it a pity that somewhere or other you are becoming the cause of this. Those non-Muslims who were so far happy for the FIFA World Cup to be held in an Asian country, unfortunately, are often disheartened by the attitudes and unnecessary critical comments of Muslims. Czars are beginning to appear. Being so emotional that people come to me by force and start arguing with me, demeaning other classes, making fun of their traditions, is not the way of Islam and a good Muslim. Now this game is going to continue for a whole month. Keep your emotions under control and do not act in such a way that others start hating Islam and Muslims and get more opportunities for criticism and ridicule.
Neighboring country Pakistan has the honor of having Adidas football “Al-Rahla” manufactured in Sialkot, Pakistan, which will be used in all competitions. Alas, since we Indians are still learning and teaching the distinction between Haram-Halal, Hindu-Muslim, Low Jihad, High Caste-Low Caste, etc., we cannot do anything except to criticize or applaud the progress of others. are
_ Hamna Kabir

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