Gree AC Top 50 Error Code

Gree AC Top 50 Error Code

In this post Gree AC Top 50 Error Code available for fix Gree AC Faults.

E1Refrigerant system high pressure protection
E2Anti-freezing protection
E4Compressor exhaust high temperature protection
E5AC over-current protection
E6Communication failure between indoor and outdoor Unit
E8 Anti- high temperature protection
H6No feedback of indoor fan motor
C5 Jumper cap malfunction protection
F1Indoor ambient sensor open or short circuit
F2Indoor tube sensor open or short circuit
F3Outdoor ambient sensor open or short circuit
F4Outdoor tube sensor open or short circuit
F5Exhaust sensor open or short circuit
F6Over load limit / drop frequency
F8Over current limit / drop frequency
F9High exhaust temperature limit / drop frequency
PHOver voltage protection for PN
U5AC current detect circuit malfunction
U4Compressor reverse protection
P5Over compressor phase current protection
b5Inlet tube sensor malfunction
L3Outdoor DC fan motor malfunction
b7Outlet tube sensor malfunction
FCDoor malfunction
FECompressor overload sensor malfunction
H2 Static clearing dust protection
H3Compressor overload protection
H4System abnormal protection
H5IPM protection
HCPFC protection
H7Compressor loss step protection
H0Heating anti-high temperature door frequency
LcStartup failure
U2Compressor protection against loss of phase
U1Compressor phase current detection circuit malfuction
HECompressor demagnetization protection
EEloading EEPROM malfunction
P6Communication failure between main board and driver board
PUCapacitor charge malfunction
P7IPM sensor circuit malfunction
P8IPM high temperature protection
U3PN voltage drop protection
PLLow PN voltage protection
Pc Current detect circuit malfunction o current sensor malfunction
LdCompressor loss of phase protection
LECompressor locked rotary protection
EUIPM over temperature limit/ drop frequency
U74-way valve reversal abnormal
U8Disconnection of the exhaust temperature sensor
U9AC power zero voltage detect error
FAOver tube temperature drop frequency
FHAnti-freezing limit / drop frequency

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