Kenwood Error Code inverter Split AC


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Error codeFault
E0Indoor unit EEPROM
E1Communication error between indoor & outdoor unit
E3Indoor fan speed error
E4Indoor return air temp sensor error
E5Indoor coil temp sensor error
EcLow Refrigerant
EEHigh water level alarm
FoOutdoor current overload sensed
F1Outdoor ambient temperature sensor error
F2Outdoor coil sensor error
F3Compressor discharge temperature sensor error
F4Outdoor Unit EEPROM error
F5Outdoor unit fan speed error
F6Indoor coil outlet temp sensor error
PoInverter module IPM error
P1High or low voltage
P3Outdoor unit low temperature lockout
P4Compressor drive error
P6High pressure / Low pressure switch open
P7Outdoor IGBT temperature sensor error

Kenwood Error Code List jpg

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