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All the praises and all the merits are due to the Holy One who created the universe with His word and created us in the Ummah of Muhammad and placed the crown of gold on our heads, “Gratefulness to the children of Adam”, if we thank the Holy One. If you continue to live, the truth will not be fulfilled – If you want to see the blessings, favors and blessings of the Lord of the Universe, then your mind and thoughts are left in awe.

Knowledge is the best of the blessings of Allah, the Exalted. Can’t even get around-

Knowledge is such a light that Allah, the Exalted, has created in the heart of man that whatever is related to it becomes revealed, just like the eye has the power to see.

There are two types of knowledge, an outward knowledge and an inward knowledge. The outward knowledge includes the knowledge of Shariat, Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, knowledge only, knowledge of syntax, dictionary, statement – then there are two types of inward knowledge, the knowledge of the matter, which includes the heart. And to make the soul pure and clean is to avoid bad morals, adopt good morals, asceticism and piety – the second knowledge is revelation, which is given by Allah after purification of the self – knowledge of revelation is the knowledge of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The truth about the nature and attributes of the Messenger of Allah is clear –

In the religion of Islam, the importance and usefulness of education has been emphasized a lot. does not have any verse in his divine book pointing towards the first importance of knowledge, I congratulate the Muslims that the first word in this regard in the Holy Qur’an is Iqra – the importance of knowledge is also evident from this. It seems that the period before the religion of Islam has been classified as the era of Jahiliyya, as if there is no compatibility between the religion of Islam and Jahiliyyah, and this is based on the fact that the religion of Islam is Noor Ali Noor. and ignorance is darkness from head to toe-

Allah Almighty says in the Qur’an regarding knowledge:

Translation:- Beloved, tell me whether the knowing and the unknown are equal

It is in the second verse:

Translation:- He taught you what you did not know and Allah has great grace upon you

Also, there are numerous verses related to knowledge in the Holy Quran, which there is no space here The above verses of the Holy Qur’an show that Allah, the Exalted, bestowed the knowledge of the entire universe on his Beloved, and enlightened him with the mysteries of the Book and Wisdom.

There are many hadiths about the virtue of knowledge and there are strict promises about not getting it in the blessed hadiths. It is obligatory – The second holy hadith has come in this context: Get religious knowledge even if you have to go to China. happens-

It is a hadith of Abu Dawud Sharif that Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Whoever acquires knowledge, such knowledge by which it is obtained, has not obtained the pleasure of Allah.” Such a person will not find the fragrance of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection, except for the purpose of acquiring knowledge.

There is a hadith of Tirmidhi Sharif, which was narrated by Sahib Mishkut on the authority of Hazrat Ka’b bin Malik, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said, “Whoever acquires knowledge, let him be proud because of this knowledge.” On the scholars and quarrels with the fools because of it, and with people who turn away their faces because of it, Allah the Almighty will enter such a person into hell. Must get for-

Knowledge is the greatest wealth that serves to guide human beings in all areas of life. It has been said in one place that a person who does not have knowledge is not a human being. If you fail to achieve it, you will be burdened with very little luck – Through knowledge, a person gets close to God, through knowledge, a person understands the position and position of Prophethood and Prophethood, through knowledge, a person can control his life. Knows the ups and downs, with knowledge, a person can distinguish between good and evil, knowledge is the best weapon to avoid evil tricks and deception, knowledge is the humanity, nobility, honesty, righteousness, brotherhood, equality in a person. The fountains of grace are released. Through knowledge, the rights of parents, neighbors, and relatives are revealed to a person. Through knowledge, a person understands his purpose of existence, and the most important thing is that according to knowledge, God’s will is –

History is a witness that the nation in which there is no knowledge is destroyed and ruined, its legitimate rights are taken away from it, it lacks humanity, nobility, civility, civility and other moral qualities – justice and fairness. That nation is devoid of it, obscenity is common in it, ultimately all the other evils of the age converge in this nation-

These things will be found in the history of the Arab nation that cruelty and violence had become their second nature, human life was like that of animals, the activities of brutality and brutality were common, the days and nights of human life were being spent in forests, deserts, caves and kilns. – Alcohol was used to satisfy the horrors, rituals of burning slaves and women alive were common in this nation, the sons of Adam were deprived of humanity, idolatry prevailed in their hearts and minds. They worshiped not one but many gods, the moon, the sun, the stars, rivers, mountains and many other such gods, thinking that bowing their foreheads in front of falsehood was the ascension of their lives, even forgetting the majesty and majesty of God.

At the time when Islam appeared in Arabia and Hijaz, the whole world was unfamiliar with knowledge. The religion of Islam took knowledge under its patronage and the Companions of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, went from country to country to city to city. He enlightened the minds and thoughts of God’s creatures on the importance of knowledge and its importance and inclined them towards the acquisition of knowledge – just as the arguments of Islam are based on knowledge, in the same way, it has demanded other religions to follow their own principles. Prove Knowledge-

It is mentioned in the Quran:

Translation:- Beloved, ask them if you also have some knowledge, then present it to us-
Translation:- If you are truthful then tell me with some knowledge-

Apart from this, the excellence of knowledge and its importance have been clearly pointed out in many places-

As the religion of Islam has enlightened the superiority of knowledge on humans, the historical record of the past says that those nations were completely unaware of it. I prayed in the court that O my Lord! Forgive me and grant me a kingdom that no one will be blessed with after me – Hazrat Zakaria (peace be upon him) prayed, O my Lord! Grant me a pure child, but the two scholars, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, prayed, O my Lord and Master, grant me an increase in knowledge-

If the religion of Islam had not appeared in the world today, the whole universe would have been locked in the cave of ignorance and barbarism, so Muslims should teach themselves and their children the correct knowledge of religion. It is happening – after seeing the specific mold in which the minds and thoughts of new generations are being molded under the existing secular education system and the speed with which ideas and ideas are moving away from the importance of Islam and Islamic education, the future destruction and To have any doubt about the state of affairs of the nation is also to make fun of the reality. Instead of cursing foreigners, mourn today’s culture and civilization ideas and ideas that today’s youth, tomorrow’s representatives and future guardians of this darkest valley. towards which a painful and pro-nation Muslim cannot imagine a more dark valley in any way and under any circumstances.

When the situation is like this and surely it is like this, then let me politely and respectfully ask the responsible people what is the attraction that is forcing the new generation to sacrifice themselves on the altar of atheism and materialism. I say with confidence that if the first few years are reserved for religious education and arrangements are made to expose today’s infants to the basic teachings of religion and the important moral efforts of Islam, a healthy Islamic atmosphere will be established. It can happen, from which the nation will continue to be irrigated generation after generation and generation after generation –

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