How to Install Instant Geyser

In English

How to Install Instant Geyser : 

We should Install This Geyser at Such a place Where there is no gas problem (Like Open Area). 

Step 1 : Drill two holes on the wall with the drill machine

Top of Geyser and Bottom of Geyser side we see place of screw

Step 2 : Now Adjust Pipe water Inlet , water Outlet and Gas Inlet

Step 3 : Now put the battery in it and Open Gas and turn on Geyser with Carefully.

In Urdu and Hindi

Hamy Instant Geyser esi jaga py lgana chahiye jaha Gas ka koi masla na bany koi Khatra na ho (Jaisy Open Area)

Step 1 : Diwaar py 2 Soraakh kary Drill Machine k sath 

Geyser k uper or Nichy wali side py screw k Nishan hongy us k hisab sy or diwaar py lga ky screw Tite kr do

Step 2 : ab is k Gas inlet , water inlet or water outlet ka pipe lga do

Step 3 : ab is mai Battery ya 1.5 v cell dall so or Gas ko open kr do or phir ehtyat sy ON kr do

Video for Install Geyser


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