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IND vs ENG, T20 World Cup: I just need Virat Kohli to take a day off against England


Former England captain Kevin Petersen says he wants it Virat Kohli For a day off against England in T20 Globalism Cup semi-finals in Adelaide Oval. The veteran English batsman shares a wonderful camaraderie with Kohli as the duo have played together for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the past.

The 34-year-old Indian hitter was going through a lean phase with the bats earlier this year, but has found his groove once again in the Asian Cup and the duo series against Australia and South Africa who are both set with the team. India for the T20 World Cup.

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Kohli followed his good form with the bats as he smashed three half-century in the Super 12 stage of the T20 World Cup. Kohli has always loved scoring in Australia and has continued in that trend and returned to his best form in India’s opening match against Pakistan where he smashed 82 points unbeaten to help the Men in Blue team to a decisive victory. He scored crucial half centuries against Holland and Bangladesh and finished the Super 12 stage as a running pioneer.

India will face England in the semi-finals of the ICC mega event at Adelaide Oval on Thursday.

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Petersen said he praised the battered Indian man and said he had supported him through his difficult journey but wanted him to have a day off to Joss Butler & Co on Thursday.

“I’ve supported Kohli throughout the slight loss in his form, and he’s had a lot to deal with. He’s an artist, he needs the crowds, he needs that hype, he needs that excitement. He hasn’t had that for a few years, and he’s lost his way. But the fans are there, it’s the World Cup. T20 in Australia – one of the greatest places to play T20 cricket – and the king is back. As a close friend, I am very happy for him, but just need a Virat for a day off,” Petersen wrote in his blog for Betway.

The former England captain also noted that Kohli’s comeback has helped players like Suryakumar Yadav play with more freedom.

“It’s great to see the current greatest player coming back to racing, not just from an India perspective, but from the perspective of the cricket world. For India, it’s a key element for them to start seeing some consistency. When Virat plays well, other players start to perform around him. I saw it with Suryakumar Yadav and the roles he played against Zimbabwe; he was amazing. When your talisman comes back, it helps immensely,” the England legend added.

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