Republic Day and democratic values ​​are violated, how to recover?



Republic Day and democratic values ​​are violated, how to recover?

Republic Day is a great day in Indian history, the historical status of which is remembered by every Indian once in a year. Its status is such that on 26 January 1950, the Constitution of Independent India was enacted by the Legislative Assembly. The Constitution of India has the honor of being the longest constitution of democratic countries, in which the rights of people of different classes and different races and religions have been mentioned.

In a democratic country, citizens have various rights, by which they can live their lives with complete freedom, for example: freedom of expression, right to practice their own religion and worship, right to get education, right to vote. The right, the right to constitutional rights, the right to marry according to one’s religion and many other rights are given to citizens by the constitution. This constitution distinguishes the democratic form of government from dictatorship. The constitution is democracy The Constitution makes the country a free, secular and democratic country where justice, equality and freedom are ensured to the people.

Despite these details, today it is becoming difficult to believe that this is the same India that was dreamed of by the heroes of the war of freedom. Dalayatha. What kind of hardships did you suffer? How did you face oppression and tyranny? How much opposition did you face from yourself and others? Despite giving so many sacrifices, today the dear country is under the influence of the impure ambitions of sectarians who dream of freedom. The interpretation of our forefathers proved true, today this country is facing dictatorship again.

The state which had no religion, today preparations are in full swing to paint it in the color of a particular religion. Efforts are on the rise from all sides, slogans are being raised from all over to make this country a Hindu roster. The limit was reached when Raipur. You may have remembered that after listening to a Dhongi Baba of Chhattisgarh telling the people, “You support me, I will give you the Hindu Raster”, this phrase was said in the style of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s famous quote. which is used only to grab headlines and fuel the furnace of hatred in the country. This phrase is deeply offensive to the spirit of the constitution. If seen, the campaign to make the country Hindu has gained momentum in the last few years. There have also been announcements of Turk Mawalat from Muslims, oaths have also been taken and posters have also been put up. Demonstrations of hatred have taken place, goods were bought by looking at the Aadhaar card during the lockdown, and some vegetable and fruit sellers were chased away from their goods. Not to sell. This is happening in this country where everyone has the right to buy and sell as they wish. In the last ten years, as much as the Indian Constitution has been openly violated. This has not been done in seventy years. Incidents of open burning of the Indian Constitution have also taken place. The judiciary is silent.

On August 13, 2022, a report of Hindustan Times was published in which the headline was that “In the draft of Hindu Rashtra, it is proposed to make Varanasi the capital instead of Delhi.” Finally, what is happening? That is, the draft of Hindu Rastra is also being prepared, which is to be presented in a Dharam Sansad of Allahabad’s Magh Mela 2023. It has also been decided that Kashi will be made the capital. It was also made clear that people of all castes would enjoy the convenience and protection of living in the country, but people of other religious faiths would not be allowed to vote. This includes especially Muslims and Christians who would be deprived of the right to vote. If you think about it, you will understand that all this is happening in a free and democratic country which has no religion. The minority community is not safe while traveling in buses and trains, when they are harassed and subjected to violence, nothing can be said. Everywhere they are recognized and subjected to cruelty and violence. They want to be covered in deep humiliation and it does not crawl on the ears of those who sit in the chair of power. The country which used to provide security to its citizens is now creating an atmosphere of fear and harassment in the same country. Poison is being mixed in the ears of young children. They are being taught to hate. This poison of extreme hatred is taking the new generations to come. The air is being poisoned by the storms of hatred. need to.

Threats are being made by Hindu organizations to demolish various mosques across the country, some say they are built on residential properties, some say they are built on park sites, some hate in front of mosques. Inciting slogans are being shouted. Attempts are being made to trap the Muslims by saying such and such things. By doing such incidents, the fundamental rights of the constitution are being violated.

Efforts should be made to free and strengthen the four pillars of democracy “Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Media” so that democracy can be strengthened. Without them we cannot build a democratic country.

Media is called the fourth pillar of democracy because it plays an important role in keeping democracy alive. It is a connection between the government and the people. The strength of democracy depends on the strength of each of these pillars. The freedom of the media in a democratic country only strengthens the democracy. Today we are seeing what are the conditions of the country, how the minority classes are living, the basic rights of the citizens of the country are also being taken away. The media was a link of public communication with the government, it should have done its job, but the media has taken an oath to remain silent, no matter what happens in the country, it will broadcast things that are in accordance with the government’s intentions. Hindus and Muslims are being treated on news channels all the time and the media has become such a state that it can present whoever it wants as a criminal and prove whoever it wants to be innocent. How can the edifice of democracy remain stable when the pillars of democracy are destroyed? The truth is that there are a number of people who don’t care about democracy anymore, they just keep chanting Hindu Rastra, in this case, the big leaders of the country are sitting as silent spectators, as if nothing is happening.

Minority is not safe. Minorities are being discriminated against and efforts are being made to make minorities second-class citizens. Attempts to make minorities second-class citizens will also divide the country. According to a report published on bhaskar.com, there have been 5,000 incitements against Muslims in India in eight years, including abusive words against the Prophet of Islam. The statistics are not graspable. Can this kind of exploitation happen in a democratic country? Only a few warnings are considered sufficient for such incidents. It needs to be taken seriously.

At this time, there is a big question about the protection of democracy, behind which the dictatorial powers are standing and want to end it. The democracy of the country which protects the democratic values ​​is now in danger. The rights are being exploited on every side because even the basic rights of the citizens are not protected. have been In such a situation, the peace and order of the country seems to be in danger. In childhood, in school, we used to chant “Ek Baninge, Naik Baninge” on 15th August and 26th January. But nowadays the market of hatred is hot and the mentality of the citizens is changing. Preparations are underway to strangle democracy and bring dictatorship in its name, we have to be aware of it. So we have to come forward in the field of education more and more. Because education is the weapon through which we can change the scenario of the world.

Republic Day comes and goes, we should know the origin of this day and highlight what makes it so important. Know the law of India, know the Constitution of India, create awareness among the people. Create and demand your rights from the government accordingly. Ensure the safety of your life and the safety of the society. Appoint your youth in high government positions. All these things are impossible without education. Strengthen the representation. A representation that is based on honesty and courage will be able to move the nation forward.

Remember the people who participated in liberating the country and in making the constitution of the independent country on this day. It is important to note that we do not know the personalities who liberated the country properly, nor We try to know the constitution makers of India. We should know them and their efforts for reforming the constitution so that we can also be concerned about our country and nation and guide the future generations. It will be successful when we can be profitable for the country and nation.

By: Muhammad Arif Raza Naumani Misbahi

Editor: Payam Barakat, Aligarh

Contact: 7860561136


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