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Xiaomi entered the smart TV sector in India And it changed its dynamics, forcing other brands to change their strategy and giving consumers more choices. As technology becomes more expensive, Xiaomi is one of the many brands that have been able to bring a 4K viewing experience to a manageable budget for buyers.

It did this without compromising the screen size. The latest 50-inch Mi TV 4K is the one we’re focused on, and over the past few weeks we’ve been able to take a closer look at this TV and whether it delivers on the promise of value and quality in equal doses.

Xiaomi Smart TV X50: What’s cool

Over the years, the panel quality and design of these affordable smart TVs have skyrocketed. I noticed the differences while comparing with my 5-year-old 4K TV, which is also in brackets in the budget segment. The bezels are smaller on Mi TV, and the widescreen profile gives you a better viewing experience.

Xiaomi Smart TV 50 Review

Colors are subtle, viewing angles are sharper and we noticed the deep black didn’t look bad, something we noticed with budget smart TVs earlier. Xiaomi managed to assemble a 50-inch screen into a not-too-heavy unit, which was easier to carry than I had imagined.

The screen supports 4K UHD resolution along with HDR and Dolby Vision. Additionally, the TV also has MEMC which delivers 60Hz frame rate content natively supported by the panel. You notice its effectiveness while watching sports and movies on the big screen. MEMC is rare on TVs in this range, but Xiaomi has managed to bring that to the table.

The other aspect of this TV that pleasantly surprised us is the sound quality. Xiaomi has packed the TV with 30W stereo speakers that support Dolby Audio and DTS:X for surround sound output. The audio output from the unit was loud and clear, without any of the squeaking sound you normally get on TVs in this segment.

Xiaomi Smart TV 50 Review

Xiaomi uses the PatchWall user interface that runs on the Android TV platform. The interface is easy to use and spot to navigate. You can connect your receiver and watch live TV channels from the same screen as OTT apps.

Xiaomi Smart TV 50 Review

The bundled Xiaomi remote control has all the required buttons and quick access keys for Netflix, Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar. It even has volume controls but we would have liked Xiaomi to make better use of the lower space of the remote. You can get multiple connection ports to use external storage devices and streaming sticks like Fire TV Stick or Chromecast.

Xiaomi Smart TV X50 review: what’s not so great?

While we liked the build quality of the TV, the same cannot be said about the accessories that Xiaomi offers for this model. The stand you get in the box doesn’t show the same confidence as the TV itself. Also, you don’t get a wall mount unit with the TV, Xiaomi wants to buy it separately.

Xiaomi Smart TV 50 Review

Another concern we have about the TV is the internal storage, which is limited to 8GB for odd reasons. Now, most people use smart TV to download apps, which take up a lot of space, so it was reasonable to save 16GB of storage space. The lack of space can also become a hindrance later on when TV storage runs out and slows down after a few years.

Xiaomi Smart TV X50 review: Should you buy?

Xiaomi Smart TV X50 is an efficient 4K TV with a big screen that doesn’t cost a bomb. You get a 50-inch screen, with HDR support, and Dolby Vision that brightens the room and delivers brilliant colour. The built-in speaker is a surprise package that may allow you to use your TV without a speaker. It runs on PatchWall UI built on Android TV but lack of storage may hinder TV performance in the future.

The assembled remote control works well, and you won’t find anything wrong with this price. Having said that, the TV does not come with a wall mount unit, 8GB of storage can be limited and Xiaomi still offers the TV with Android 10 version.

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