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Orient Inverter AC Error Code and Fault

In this post you can see Orient Inverter AC Error Code and Fault . After see and read you can fix this types error code easily. open fully4world and learn more about RAC and HVAC. Orient Inverter AC Error Code Orient LED Blink Error You should read it : General AC indoor Wiring Diagram Non

E4, E5, E6 Error Code in non Inverter AC Solve

E4, E5, E6 Error Code in non Inverter AC Solve Some Non Inverter AC don’t  show error Code but some show error in LED. When we see E4 error in non Inverter then we should check his indoor Blower Motor we should disconnect wire his blower motor from PCB and again Connect and check that

Crrier DC inverter Error Code list

The error message is shown at the OUTDOOR UNIT CONTROLLER as following table: Outdoor Temperature Sensor Failure Ambient temperature sensor E0 Inlet coil temperature sensor E1 Suction temperature sensor E2 Mid coil temperature sensor E3 DLT Digital Compressor sensor E4 Outdoor Status Error Communication error between indoor & outdoor unit controllers [E High pressure status

AC water Drops on wall Top Reasons[In English / Urdu / Hindi]

In Urdu اے سی کا ڈرین پانی دیوار پر گرنے کی کچھ وجوہات ہیں۔ اگر اے سی سروس ہونے والا ہو ایویپوریٹر میں کافی زیادہ بلو کیج ہو تو بھی پانی دیوار پر گرتا ہے اگر اس کی ڈرین پائپ کسی کچرے کی وجہ سے بند ہو گیا ہو تو بھی پانی دیوار پر گرے

Gree To 50 Error Code

E1 Refrigerant system high pressure protection E2 Anti-freezing protection E4 Compressor exhaust high temperature protection E5 AC over-current protection E6 Communication failure between indoor and outdoor Unit E8 Anti- high temperature protection H6 No feedback of indoor fan motor C5 Jumper cap malfunction protection F1 Indoor ambient sensor open or short circuit F2 Indoor tube