Changhong Ruba AC Error Code | Inverter AC Error Code

In this Post you can see Changhong Ruba AC Error Code. this error code is for inverter AC. i hop that after you see this Ac error code fix Problem easily. 

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Error Cod Changhong Ruba

Error CodeDescription
F1Indoor Temperature sensor Faulty
F2Outer temperature Fault
Over current protection
F3Indoor Coil Sensor error
Gas pressure Low
F4Blower motor fault
Outer Tubes sensor
F5Gas pressure low or high
4 way valve abnormal
F8Communication Between IPM & Outer unit
Communication error between indoor & outdoor unit
F7Frequency mismatch
Phase sequence
Communication error between indoor & outdoor unit
E1Communication error between indoor control board & indoor PCB
Communication between indoor PCB and control board abnormal
E2Outdoor fan motor fault
Outer fan motor faulty
Frost removing temp sensor failure
Section temp sensor failure
Outer Ambient temp sensor failure
Exhaust temp sensor failure
Deviate from normal for the compressor
Loop of the station detect error
Over-current of the compressor
E0Over current protect for single compressor
Middle part of condenser temp sensor fail
C1Outdoor EEPROM
Indoor EEPROM error
RO, R1AC Voltage High or Low
Compressor error
Over heat protection for exhaust Temp
P1Indoor temperature sensor faulty
P5Anti freezing protection

Error Cod Changhong Ruba in jpg file

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